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Utilizes powerful ice and electrical magic as well as able to brandish the blade during combat. As an Atlantan, Raelyn is granted with special, unique abilities that aid in her endeavors.

Permissions and credits
Name: Raelyn Stellare
Race: Atlantan
Origins: Atlantis
Height: 6'7 (2.00m)
Age: Undisclosed
Combat Style: SpellBlade
Trains/Spec: Destruction
Level: 15-1000 (x1 Player Level)


All who hail from the mystical lands of Atlantis, are blessed with enhanced physical, intellectual and magical traits. Raelyn is no exception. She shares the physical strength and durability that all her Atlantan predecessors had in common as a racial bonus, albeit at slightly varied extents. In addition, Raelyn's own unique Atlantan power is that of being exceptionally resistant to all forms of elemental magic as well as the ability to gain yet more spell power as she gains higher level experience.

Sent to Skyrim at the advent of 4E201 in order to aid the cause against the inevitable atrocities that would be certain to arise. Posted at Dragonsreach to aid the local court wizard, Farengar, in his relevant escapades regarding ancient dragon lore.

Her combat style primarily involves the use of ice and electrical destructive magic to engage enemies from a distance and/or switching to her blade whenever the situation favors hacking and slashing. When fighting with the blade, she may still cast spells from the free hand as the classic spellsword would do. Although her main strength is destruction magic, she still holds her own with the blade in CQB due to her natural Atlantan strength/durability as well as being trained in one-handed weaponry/light armor. She is able to summon Ser Frostingale - in the form of an Ice Atronach with a shocking touch - to side by her in battle. Able to cast Thunder Cloak - a combined ice, wind and lightning cloak - that she can teach to The Dragonborn should they wish to do so. Able to shout, albeit sparingly - Lesser Ice Form. Overall, her style is CC-intensive with the ability to potentially dispatch multiple enemies in quick succession, if not at once. As her spell casting power scales incrementally according to her level, her magic will remain relevant against high level enemies during higher level game-play. She is also able to train The DB in the ways of destruction.

Within her inventory, she holds a book (The Registry) which contains all relevant information regarding her stats/abilities as well as the backstory/lore. Also carried on her person: Her owned blade - Obsidia, 500 gold, an extra set of her sported robe armor and 2 spell books. (Thunder Cloak and Dispel Ser Frostingale).

Spells: Ice Spike, Icy Spear, Intense Chain Lightning*, Fast Healing, Close Wounds, Call Ser Frostingale*, Thunder Cloak II* (Teachable) {*=Non-Vanilla}
Shouts: Lesser Ice Form
  • Destruction - Master, Augmented Frost/Shock 2/2, Frost/Shock Mastery, Dual Casting, Impact, Deep Freeze
  • Conjuration - Expert, Elemental Potency
  • Restoration - Adept, Recovery 2/2, Regeneration
  • One Handed - Armsman 4/5, Fighting Stance, Savage Strike
  • Light Armor - Agile Defender 3/5
  • Sneak - Lightfoot
  • Unique/Racial - Atlantan Resistance*, Atlantan Power**, Magical Prowess***
Passive Unique/Racial Traits:
  • Complete Resistance To Elemental Magic (Unique)*
  • 25% Resistance To Physical Damage (Racial)*
  • 25% Extra Physical Damage Output (Racial)**
  • Slight Resistance To Stagger (Racial)
  • x1.5 Base Carry Weight (Racial)
  • KD Immunity (Racial)
Primary Skillset: Destruction {Ice + Shock}
Secondary Skillsets: One-Handed, Light Armor
Minor Skillsets: Conjuration, Restoration, Enchanting, Sneak
Magical Prowess: When Level 20 And Onwards, Spell Power Is Further Enhanced By 10% Increments Every 10 Levels, Up To 2x At Level 110 And Onwards.***
Attribute Weights and Offset: Magicka = 3 (+900), Health = 2 (+200), Stamina = 1 (+50)
Voice Type: Young Eager
Essential And Wifeable: Yes

Raelyn can be found in Farengar's study quarters within Dragonsreach, Whiterun.


Skyrim Special Edition. Make sure you have DLCs enabled for Special Edition. They're Enabled By Default.

Pretty Much Any Mod. This is additive so it is Game-Safe.

AFT or EFF or NFF - Allows for an advanced companion management system. Enables the recruitment of multiple companions, setting dress codes, combat options and much more.
IDRS - Improved Disabled Race Scaling - Prevents size scaling to 1.0 when interacting with certain in-game objects.
The Atlantan Race - Play as an Atlantan, specializing in warrior-centric combat.


Relevant mods used in screenshots within the image section:
-Skyrim Re-Engaged ENB by firemanaf
-Jedi Sith Light Armour by Alduin78 and Zzjay
-Wayfarer's Coat by Ellise
-Immersive Armors by Hothtrooper44
-Vivid Weathers by Mangaclub