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Skips the intro quests for Convenient Horses.

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I will NOT be providing support for his.  This is provided AS IS with NO WARRANTY or GUARANTEE.  If you want changes to the original mod "Convenient Horses" go leave them for the original author.  
If you use Convenient Horses and haven't done so yet, make sure to give kudos/likes/upvotes/whatever to the original mod/author.

Listed directly from the Convenient Horses page

  • Player is bored of having to replay intro quest on every new playthrough. Alot of people would like to be able to skip the intro quest and I know that, but I'm not going to make any new shortcuts in the game to allow it because that would defeat the purpose. The intro quest has two purposes. One to allow new players to quickly adapt and learn about the vast amount of mod features. The other to better integrate mod features with the game, so it doesn't break the immersion. Like any quest in the game it can be manipulated using the in-game console: "GetStage CHIntro" to retrieve the #stage and then increment in steps of 10 using "SetStage CHIntro #stage" until stage 100 is set.

Having gone through the introductory quests several times, I am quite familiar with all of the standard commands and processes.  I just use a BAT operation at the start of my new games to skip through them now.  If you mount a horse before remembering to run the BAT operation or get partway through and decide to skip, (~ to bring up console then "bat ch" in command) then type manually:
"GetStage CHIntro" and whatever number is output (20 for example) start with 
"SetStage CHIntro 30" then
"SetStage CHIntro 40" (and add 10 to the number till "SetStage CHIntro 100" is typed and completed in the console.)

-You WILL need to equip your horse whistle and hope your horse is close enough to "hear" the whistle when used (or just stand next to the horse).  Then, open the horse container in accordance with standard operations, and loot the horn out of the bag. Once you loot the 'horse call' horn, you can then use the call horse ability to summon the steed, and not until.
- If you are not familiar with the controls/how CH works (just installed it, been away from SSE for a while, etc) DO NOT SKIP THE STARTUP QUESTS.  Just take the few extra minutes and complete everything to refresh yourself, or learn the basic setup.  You can use this later.

Open your Skyrim SE folder and (NOT IN THE DATA FOLDER) create a new text file called <whatever you want it to be named>.txt (I use CH.txt 'C' standing for "Convenient" and 'H' standing for "Horses" .... this isn't too difficult is it?) and open that text document, and paste the following lines:
SetStage CHIntro 10
SetStage CHIntro 20
SetStage CHIntro 30
SetStage CHIntro 40
SetStage CHIntro 50
SetStage CHIntro 60
SetStage CHIntro 70
SetStage CHIntro 80
SetStage CHIntro 90
SetStage CHIntro 100

Save the file and start a new game.  ~ to bring up the console, and "bat <what ever file name you set here>" or in my case - "bat ch"

Basic Skyim BAT 101.  Manual download only as NMM/Vortex/Whatever it's currently called does not allow access to anything but the DATA subdirectory.  This file does NOT go there.  It goes where the Skyrim SE EXE is found. (YES I KNOW other realities on this exist, go away. If you want to put it somewhere else, then do it.)

Why am I doing this?  In case I eventually forget after a few months, I now have a direct instructions to how I originally did it with original quotes and all.  I guess if you get use out of it, great?