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Makes General Goods Stores sell piles of salt and sacks of flour.

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What does the mod do?
Simply makes general goods stores sell piles of salt and sacks of flour.
This is useful if you wish to create food items from the ovens in Hearthfire homes.

But why?
Isn't it weird that general goods stores doesn't sell something as basic as salt and flour? I thought so too. I made the mod for my personal use, but figured that I might as well upload it.

But is it, IMMERSIVE!?
Can't see why it wouldn't be. It makes sense that general good stores sells salt and flour. The amount of salt and flour isn't fixed at a certain number, which means that the stores won't always have the same stock available.

Other cooking ingredients
You now have the possibility of downloading the main main file, BUT with extra cooking ingredients.
The extra cooking ingredients added to stores are:
- Butter
- Milk

This mod is very simple, and thus should be compatible with any other mod, provided you create a bashed patch.
If you find that the mod is not working, I recommend creating a bashed patch using Wrye Bash, or something similar.

Bashed Patch
I generally recommend creating a bashed patch using Wrye Bash after installing new mods, to make sure that everything is working together as it should.