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A hi-res 2K texture pack for Skyrim Special Edition. Covers landscapes and cities. 2 months into this project and it's still a work in progress. Expect continued support and updates.

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At long last Skyrim Special Edition is here. And to celebrate it, I am releasing this 2K texture pack. It covers almost all vanilla landscape textures and most of the cities. I have been working very hard on this project for 2 months now with what little spare time I have in-between work and stuff. It is not complete and does not cover everything. I have not touched the DLC textures yet, but I will continue to work on it and release updates whenever I can. I spend a lot of time on my work to make sure everything is up to my own personal standard, spending upwards of 20 hours on single textures sometimes. I will make a list of the things I plan on adding. Please give me some feedback, as I haven't had time to thoroughly test these textures in every part of SSE, which has different lighting than regular Skyrim. Keep an eye out for any bugs or oddities you may find. Give me some feedback on what you think of the project so far. I haven't uploaded screenshots of every new texture, mostly to save on time, so if any of you don't mind I would greatly appreciate it if you could upload some of yours.

There is only a high quality version right now, which consists of 2K diffuse and 1K uncompressed normals. I haven't noticed any fps hit with it installed, but I have noticed slightly longer load times. This will depend on your machine.

Big thanks to Anvar for porting this mod over to XB1 for me.

I have released my Imperial Forts textures as a standalone mod, as well as in the 1.2 update of this mod.  You can find the standalone Imperial Forts mod here   -

I highly recommend using NMM to install, because if you just install manually it can become very difficult and time consuming to remove the files by hand if you want to uninstall. 


This is a texture mod and it will conflict with other mods that change the same textures. So if you want my textures to appear over other ones, install mine last and overwrite the ones before it.

Update 1.1
-The Riften pack is here! Also made a few tweaks so heres the list of those.
-Revamped the snowrocks texture, which was also missing a normal map because I named the original one incorrectly.
-Darkened the pineforest and fieldgrass textures so they weren't too bright at midday.
-Fixed the fallforestgrass texture that created a big transition seam in Riften.
-Added some dirt to the tundra rocks in the grassy area around Whiterun, they were too clean originally.

Update 1.2
-The Imperial Forts pack is here! And as before, some more tweaks to existing content with a list of those changes.
-Created all new textures for the field grass/daisies and the pineforest floor texture.
-I removed the snow textures along with my snowroad textures until further notice, this is because of some tiling issues with road meshes that I cant figure out.
-I made the Whiterun stone textures a bit more dark/dirty to more closely represent vanilla standards.
-Fixed a shiny grass texture in Whiterun.
-Modified the Whiterun stone blocks texture.
-Fixed a blending issue with the Tundra rocks outside Whiterun
-Fixed a blending issue with the coastbeach texture.
-Adjusted the fallforestdirt texture to have fewer leaves and better tiling.
-Adjusted the dirtpath texture a bit to improve tiling.

Update 1.3
-Added mountain textures, they are 4K, with 2K compressed normals.
-Added glacier textures, they are 4K with 2K compressed normals.
-Added a new texture for bridges, also 4K with 2K compressed normals.
-Revamped the farmhouse Stonewall texture.
-Adjusted the dirt02 texture to improve tiling a bit.
-Fixed the normal map for whgraymessytone_n, which previously had a diffuse in place of the normal, causing the dynamic snow to work improperly.

(To Do List)
-Medium Quality Version
-DLC Areas
-Wood Textures
-Bridge Textures

-Mario S.
-Noel S.
-Angel R.
-Sven A.
-Anders A.
-Pärerik T
-Jim D.
-Kenneth F.
-Ferdinand T.
-Markus M.