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Contains unmodified saves for Skyrim SE

Permissions and credits
For the non-special edition saves go here!
Schedule of Saves - will be marked and dated when done
Main Quest 10/31/2016
Dragonborn Main Quest 10/31/2016
Dawnguard Main Quest - Dawnguard 11/02/2016
----- All Main Quests Done -----
Continuing from the Main Quest sided with the Dawnguard
Dawnguard - Thieves Guild - 11/20/2016
Dawnguard - Mages Guild - 11/25/2016
Dawnguard - Companions: Lycanthropy will not be cured, everything you need to do so will be ready to go - 01/15/2017
Dawnguard - Dark Brotherhood - Listener - 03/17/2018
Dawnguard - Dark Brotherhood - Destroyer - 03/17/2018

----- All Faction Quests Done for Dawnguard -----
Continuing from the beginning of the Dawnguard main quest
Unaffiliated - Thieves Guild - 01/15/2017
Unaffiliated - Mages Guild - 02/19/2017
Unaffiliated - Companions: Lycanthropy will not be cured, everything you need to do so will be ready to go - 02/19/2017

Dawnguard Main Quest  - Volkihar - 06/11/2017
Volkihar - Dark Brotherhood - Listener
Volkihar - Dark Brotherhood - Destroyer - 03/17/2018
----- All Faction Quests Done for Volkihar----
Dawnguard Main Quest  - Volkihar
Each Civil War line will be done four times...
Dawnguard - Listener - Imperial Civil War
Dawnguard - Listener - Stormcloak Civil War
Dawnguard - Destroyer - Imperial Civil War
Dawnguard- Destroyer - Stormcloak Civil War
Volkihar - Listener - Imperial Civil War
Volkihar - Listener - Stormcloak Civil War
Volkihar - Destroyer - Imperial Civil War
Volkihar - Destroyer - Stormcloak Civil War

----- All Quests Done I'm probably never playing Skyrim again XD ----
If I ever come back from the dead after doing this I will publish one final set of saves where you have Arvak, prioritizing the saves that destroyed the Dark Brotherhood since they won't have the free horse.
When all is said and done the latest saves will contain level 1 Nord Werewolves who may either cure their Lycanthropy or become a Vampire Lord via Serana and have no pressing end of the world or civil unrest for the rest of their days.  Until they install a mod that changes that.

These files contain a variety of clean saves for Skyrim Special Edition.

Save Names - should be pretty self explanatory.
Names with a V in front of them, separate from a word (e.g. not Volkihar), indicate a save where the player is either a Vampire Lord or on the route to becoming one.
Saves are named for the significant location they are in (e.g. Dayspring is when you enter for the first time) or for the quest they take place during (e.g. Kindred is when Kindred Judgement begins or Assassin01 for the first Dark Brotherhood quest) or for a boss fight (e.g. Alduin, good luck you're level 1 and wearing a set of fine clothes).
Faction saves are Thief (Guild Master), Mage (Archmage), Warrior (Harbinger), Assassin (Listener), Constable (Destroyer).
Civil War names to be determined.

Choices Made

Left Helgen with Hadvar
Weylin killed immediately

List of Saves Requested

  • Homes purchasable in all cities
  • Dawnguard done without Dragonborn


Your destination directory should be something along the lines of -
C:\Users\<user name>\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\Saves

PM or Comment with requests.

Modder Information


  • Where did all of my previous saves go!
    • They aren't being associated with your original save profile anymore so any saves you made on that profile are no longer accessible while playing on my user-made saves. I'll work out the details on how to make the saves on here assigned to separate profiles but for now I'm focusing on cranking them out as fast as I can. Send me a PM if you have details on how already or if you'd like to volunteer for some profile experimentation.