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This mod adds a female only, light armor and clothing version of Arya Stark's Season 7 costume.

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***Special thanks to maydragon75 for the SE Conversion***

Winter is here! Ok, it's more like Spring, but who doesn't want to dress like our favorite little faceless assassin? Personally, I thought the costuming in season 7 of Game of Thrones was outstanding, and I particularly like Arya's look, so I picked that as my learner project. The armor was modeled on a UNP skinny body. Feel free to make your own conversions.
*The armor is craftable at he forge, Dragonscale equivalent. Search for Arya*
*V1.6 The clothing version can be found in a chest in White run. Take the stairs to Jorrvakr. At the first landing,
take a left, go all of the way to the water, take a left, and you should
see Arya's Chest.*

***Disclaimer*** This is my first go at making meshes from scratch. Look, I know it's not perfect, but it's not bad for a first go. Don't hesitate to tell me what I did wrong...I really want to learn.

*Known Issues-
*Bone Weighting. I really struggled with bone weighting. There seems to be a fine line between decent and "oh my god why is it doing that!!!???!!!" I am hoping that someone sees this that can give me some help. I'd love to see how someone that knows what they're doing approaches this. The problem spots are the belt tail, the skirt portion (particularly the left side front and side), and parts of the cloak. Calves will clip, but it looked really bad weighting them. Thanks in advance. Even if someone could point me to good reference material, it would be appreciated (and yes, I did look up a lot of information, and tried a variety of suggested ways).  That said, it's playable, just not great.

***Stormcloak female armor replacer by Shiva182***

Stormcloak replacer for females, main mod required for meshes and textures only, not the esp, bodyslides will work with this one as well. Gauntlets and boots are also replaced, though they are new items, so if you don't get them automatically, get them via console, just type "help fur". they have the same name but you'll notice the different FormID.

Users on an already started game will have original boots and gauntlets on female guards in Windhelm, due to the change in outfit. The other changes were made in leveled lists, so it will work on a started game.

NMM- Download and activate. To uninstall, right click on AGirlHasArmor and delete.

Manual- Download and unzip file, copy/paste the contents into the Skyrim directory. To uninstall, delete the AGirlHasArmor.esp and the AGirlHasArmor folders in Meshes>Armor and Textures>Armor.

I did not make the gloves, or hood. Those are Bethesda's. The Armor, boots, and the Cloak are mine, and you are free to convert, mashup, use in your mod in full or in part, or anything else you want to do with it, except sell it. Just throw me a credit and a link to your mod:).

*Artsick for the Armor and cloak ground objects
*Shiva182 for the Bodyslides for CBBE and UUNP and the Stormcloak female armor replacer.
*maydragon75 for the SE Conversion
*Bethesda for Skyrim and making it moddable.
*George R.R. Martin for Game of Thrones
*Maise Williams for the fantastic portrayal of Arya
Michele Clapton, the costume designer for season 7. Well done indeed
*Autodesk for the Maya software. I found it pretty intuitive, with a wealth of informative tutorials!
*All of the incredible modders out there for the inspiration and giving me a level of quality to strive for (I'll get there eventually!)
*The incredibly supportive community here on Nexus!