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Another timestop mod for SSE

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Update: Used xVa Synth to add different voice files for all of the playable races and genders. Cant promise that they sound perfect, but its better than nothing if you dont want the JoJo voices.

Adds a heavily modified version of the slow time shout to the game that effectively stops time. The mod also includes an organic means of
obtaining the shout, as well as sounds from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. If
you have any issues with the mod please let me know.

You can obtain the shout from an arrow located against a tree stump in
Riverwood. Simply activate the arrow and you will be granted all levels
of the shout.

Each level of the shout stops time for a different length, according to
how long you hold the shout:

Level 1: 5 seconds
Level 2: 8 Seconds
Level 3: 12 seconds

I will not change the duration of the shout because I feel that the
current levels accurately represent the timestops found in JoJo's canon.
With that said, I understand that Part 4's timestop length is 2
seconds. For gameplay purposes I decided to make it 5.