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Adds alternate variants of the dragon priest masks with the opposite armour type. For example: Nahkriin as light armour for light armour characters.

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I made a little ESP in xEdit that adds alternate variants to all the dragon priest masks with the opposite armour value, even the dragonborn DLC masks, except wooden mask and except Miraak since there's already one available in the game.
I made this mainly for myself when my light armour spellsword character wants to use Nahkriin, but it's heavy armour and ruins it. First I wanted to just change Nahkriin, but then I decided to make a standalone mask of it instead and then I decided to make all of them and so on, and here we are, me uploading it to Nexus...

But, I digress.
It does NOT change the original items, as I see people would have a problem with this.
For example you make a light armoured mage on one playthrough and the next you make a heavy armour mage, you might still want to use the same mask, but you don't want it to have the wrong armour type.
Anyway, they aren't placed in the world, unfortunately, so you have to add them to your inventory through console. But as long as you got the original mask and remove it via console or whatever it can still be "immersive".

Here are the codes:
Krosis - xx000800
Volsung - xx000801
Nahkriin - xx000802
Hevnoraak - xx000803
Otar - xx000804
Morokei - xx000805
Rahgot - xx000806
Vokun - xx000807
Konahrik - xx000808

Ahzidal - xx00080A
Dukaan - xx00080B
Zahkriisos - xx00080C

* 'xx' stands for the "Mod Index" of your mod in the load order, defined by two hexadecimal numbers. (Hexadecimal is 0 to F, so an example of this Mod Index is 3E. -MY- Mod Index is 56, because it's placed on the 89th slot in the load order.


When installing, click manual, right click "data" folder and set as data directory.

Just install it, it's made to be easy for NMM, because NMM's installation system is inferior to MO2 and doesn't let you choose what to do.

Open .7z file with 7zip or winrar and just drag the "Alternate Dragon Priest Masks Armour Types.esp" to the data folder from the archive. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


Should be compatible with all mods because the masks are completely standalone...