Skyrim Special Edition
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This is a port of the original Skyrim mod to SSE with permission from the original author.

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This is a port to SSE of the original Skyrim mod YuiH StandAlone Follower - Merura with permission from the original author, yui0820/YuiH.

The description below is copied from the original Skyrim mod. Please do NOT install any of the oldrim mods listed in the original description below.

Height 0.88 Weight 0
Location: Whiterun The Bannered Mare
Default Outfit: Unique Clothes
Weapon: Merura lucky pickaxe
Combat style: Attack support

Big thanks to hodilton's video !!

Hello! My name is YuiH, I am from Taiwan.
So I can only speak a little English, sorry for my poor English

*This mod is stand-alone follower, so you don't need other mods to make her face like my image.*

Show me some screenshot with her in your game, I will very very appreciate.

I separate Merura from Season 2 and make her stand alone,
in case for some people just only want Merura.

*This "YuiH StandAlone Follower - Merura" version, won't conflict with "Yuih's Stand-Alone Follower Season 2",
so if you had install season 2, you also can install this one, but you will had 2 Merura in game.

Thanks always, and hope you like her.


Height 0.88 Weight 0
Location: Whiterun The Bannered Mare
Default Outfit: Unique Clothes ( Permissiona from UNP or UNPetite - Smithy Sex)
Weapon: Merura's lucky pickaxe
Combat style: Attack support, her perk not so much powerful, but she will help you knock down your enemy with her pickaxe, 
and she can't be knock down, so hope will help a lot.
Perk: Hack and Slash, Bone Breaker, Limbsplitter, Skullcrusher

Character design comment:
She is my second formal character, and took the most of time on her face, the child face is very hard to edit,
and very hard to get perfect every angle (even now I still not sure her face is fine or not).
When I create her, I image she is a Nord, born in Skyrim, loss of child memory, only felt her parents was killed by bandits,
she was a blacksmith apprentice, and she got the talent, but as a Nord, her skinny and little body make everyone despise her,
so no one see her talent, finally she got fired, in desperation, she went to The Bannered Mare and buy a drink.
(Yep, her age already can drink.)


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Enhanced Character Edit
XP32 Maximum Skeleton -XPMS
Face Light
UNP or UNPetite - Smithy Sex

DIMONIZED UNP female body
Calientes Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE-
SeveNBase a custom FemaleBodyReplacer
UNPetite - Smithy Sex
SG Female Textures Renewal
MissAniThrope's C Eyes Reboot - Complete
Hair packs of TES IV Oblivion for Female Only
And author of the original creator of the original Mod by PeggyZone

[Change log]
2014.10.09 - v1.0 Release.

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