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This mod improves the placement and appearance of the Thieves Guild shadowmarks and adds dynamic shadowmarks to player homes and other quest-related locations.

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This mod adds Thieves Guild shadowmarks to player homes and improves the appearance of the existing shadowmarks. Now you can inform fellow thieves of your status in the Guild, while simultaneously protecting your house and property from any unwanted visitors. This mod has no practical effect on gameplay or any other function in the game. It is solely a cosmetic change for roleplaying purposes.

  • Adds shadowmarks to player-owned homes, including Hearthfire homes and Severin Manor
  • Shadowmarks automatically adjust to reflect the player's current status within the Guild and the ownership status of the home
  • Improves the positions of existing shadowmarks
  • Adds shadowmarks to a number of locations that were missing them
  • Updates certain shadowmarks based on completed quests (East Empire Company Office in Windhelm, Riften Warehouse, etc)
  • Improves the appearance of the shadowmarks by reducing their shine and smoothing out their jagged edges (using plugin edits)
  • New textures further improve the appearance of the shadowmarks

Download and install one of the main file options using your preferred mod manager, or manually extract the .zip file to the Skyrim Special Edition/Data folder.

Texture Only Options: There is also the option to install only the new textures, without any of the other changes. These have been provided as loose files, and as such it's recommended that you install them using a mod manager.

Shadowmarks on player homes will automatically adjust depending on the ownership status of the home and the player's status with the Thieve Guild.
  • Unowned homes will have the Empty mark
  • Homes owned by non-guild members or banned members will have the Danger mark
  • Homes owned by members of Thieves Guild members will have a Guild mark. 
  • The three buildable Hearthfire homes and Severin Manor will also receive a Guild mark if appropriate, but they won't receive any of the other marks if they are unowned or if the player is not a member of the Thieves Guild.

If you wish to use the Loot shadowmark for non-member player homes instead of the Danger mark, then open the console and enter:
Set TGRShadowmark_UseLootMark to 1
Shadowmarks will be updated the next time the cell is loaded.

Thank you to Scrivener07 for his help with the original script and Glitchfinder for the version 2 script.
Thank you to edwee42 for the artwork that was used to create the new shadowmark textures

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