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Epic Elves by zzjay....
ESL Format...
Adds a new race,...
the Epic Elves...
Full Physics Special Bodies...
XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended - XPMSSE REQUIRED...
4k Mostly BC7 Compression...
Never Nude Options With bodyslides....
From 44
This one is tricky to install READ my sticky

Permissions and credits
Port With Permission of Epic Elves by zzjay

- ESL Format - Will not count toward mod limit of 255.
- Full Physics Special Bodies.
- XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended - XPMSSE REQUIRED
- Bodyslide With Never Nude Options.
- 4k Mostly BC7 Compression.
- Optimized Meshes
- From 44 Saved
Copied From Original Mod Page.

This mod adds a new race,called Epic Elves,originally created for Oblivion by Kani_hime
Epic elves feel a bond with nature and strive to live in harmony with the
natural world. They are proficient with bows and swords as well as
healing magic.
The raceial bonus are the same as Breton Race,as well as some of the presets.
I've added 3 epicelf female preset for this race.


Conjuration------ +10
Marksman------- +5
Restoration------ +5
Speechcraft----- +5
1hBlade----------- +5
Lightarmor------- +5


1-The custom made Necklaces doesn't show up on the race,even if they're equipped and fully working.Why?

-It's because the esp of your necklace is wrong for this custom have
to manually fix it to be allowed on default races (instead of only
argonians and woodelves).

2-Crashes when loading the game?

- Make sure you have the racial compatibility (UNTRANSLATED PLUGIN) mod installed properly!
- Make sure XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended - XPMSSE is installed.
- Read Sticky post for things learned and known compatibility.