Skyrim Special Edition
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About this mod

Allows player emote and idle animations, with customizable emotions, that can be played at any time through up to 30 configurable hotkey configurations.

Permissions and credits

I decided to make this mod after realizing in every screenshot my character was standing still as a board, and always had a blank expression, and with no other mod allowing simple animations to be played without a lot of menus.

I made this mod to incredibly customizable; you have 10 basic hotkeys, and two modifier hotkeys, initially set to Left Shift and Left Alt, so that you can play up to three animations per hotkey, and up to 30 animations in total through hotkeys. These hotkeys also allow you to play these animations while in dialog. I also included the option to add a lesser power for each animation, in case you somehow had a few more animations you wanted to play without setting up another hotkey.

Each animation can also give the player an expression while the animation lasts. Each animation's expression is tracked separately, as well as the strength of the expression for each animations.

Finally, each animation can be enabled and disabled, if they are disabled they will not show up on any other pages or lists on the MCM page, making the page less cluttered.

There are 90 animations available through this mod; which I labeled emotes, idles, and walks. Emotes are simple animations that play once and don't loop. Idles are animations that loop, until you press the cancel key, which is initially set to E. Walks are also animations that loop, but they allow you to walk around, again you need to press the cancel key to stop the animation. Some looping animations also have additional animations that play if the hotkey or lesser power associated with them is activated again, these are denoted with a '+' in-game.