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You can now use training dummys, archery targets, and skill books to train and advance your skills.

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Like every other training dummy mod, you can simply hit training dummies and shoot archery targets to slowly train your skills. In addition to being able to train your skill with weapons, you can also cast spells at training dummies and archery targets to train your skill in the schools of magic.

Simply striking these dummies is a very slow process, and likely won't allow you to level up at a significant rate without it feeling unbalanced. So, as another option, you can activate training dummies and targets with a weapon or spell equipped to have your character train extensively for several in-game hours at a time. This training will cause your character to fatigue quickly, lowering their Stamina or Magicka depending on what skill you were training. Sleeping for several hours will allow your character to recover and continue training.

To add yet another option, if you find any skill books in your travels, your character can study them for several in-game hours to slowly train in the associated skill. Simply read the book in your inventory, and you will be given the option to study it. Like intensive training, studying will cause some fatigue, lowering your character's maximum Magicka. Again, simply sleep for several hours to allow your character to recover.

This mod will be compatible with almost every other mod. The only possible compatibility issue is if another mod replaces vanilla training dummies, if that's the case, simply load this mod after the conflicting one.

The rate at which you train might be unbalanced if you are using an overhaul mod like Requiem or SkyRe. If that's the case, simply use this console command:

   Set  _TS_GlobalMult  to  XXX

Where XXX is the new rate you want to raise your skills through training. Its default value is 1.0