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This mod swaps the Weapon damage stats of Daedric and Dragonbone weapons so the Daedric ones are slightly more powerful, rather than the other way around.

It also makes most Daedric armor set parts weigh slightly less, matching their Dragonplate counterparts.

Permissions and credits

If you're like me and just love the look of Daedric armor and weapons, you've always had to make a trade-off for function or form between Daedric and Dragonbone... No longer. This mod makes Daedric weapons and armor the (very slightly) better option stat-wise by simply inverting weapon damage stats between the corresponding Daedric and Dragonbone weapons and lowering the weight of Daedric armor pieces to that of their Dragonplate counterparts (Daedric base armor rating is already slightly higher).

The mod affects all basic (non-unique) items in the base game - both the unenchanted ones and the enchanted variants that spawn in game. It also affects a few artifacts which appear to follow Daedric weapon stats in the base game.

The stat edits this mod makes are small so they should not negatively impact game balance.


The mod also has compatibility patches for:

The mod is otherwise incompatible with mods that edit Daedric Weapons & Armors stat-wise (it won't crash your game but only the mod that's lower in your load order will apply unless you resolve this with a merged patch).

It should work fine with most mods that only retexture/remodel the items, such as Unique Uniques and LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Weapons.

It also will not work on completely new items (such as those added by Weapons of the Third Era) even if they are made of Daedric material. Again, it won't cause problems or crashes, it just won't apply to the new weapons.


The mod forwards changes from Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch. While USSEP isn't strictly required to run the mod, I still recommend installing it as it's a great collection of bugfixes and the product of a great team of modders.

The mod also requires Cutting Room Floor, a content-restoring mod and another mod every Skyrim player should consider installing.

If you do not have CRF installed and don't want to install it, you can manually edit this mod to work without it, using SSEdit:

  1. Open SSEdit. When prompted to choose a plugin, right click and click on Select None. Then tick Daedric and Dragonborn Revised.esp (also tick Daedric and Dragonborn Revised (ZIA Patch).esp if you're using it), then press OK.
  2. Once the Background loader is finished, in the left pane expand Daedric and Dragonborn Revised.esp
  3. Find the entry DA08EbonyBlade (should be under Form ID 0004A38F) and left click on it.
  4. In the right pane, find the row that says KWDA - Keywords and has a bunch of Keyword rows below it. In the column titled Daedric and Dragonborn Revised.esp find the entry in these rows that says CRFExemptArtifactKeyword [KYWD:0101A409]. Right click on it and click Remove. Do the same in the Daedric and Dragonborn Revised (ZIA Patch).esp column if you're using the patch.
  5. In the left pane right click on Daedric and Dragonborn Revised.esp and click Clean Masters. Now if you're using the patch as well, do the same for Daedric and Dragonborn Revised (ZIA Patch).esp, then right click on Daedric and Dragonborn Revised (ZIA Patch).esp again and click Add Masters. Find Daedric and Dragonborn Revised.esp and double click it (or tick the checkbox next to it and press OK).
  6. Exit SSEdit, make sure the plugin (or both of them) is checked to be saved (no other plugin should be listed). Then press OK.

Load Order

You should be fine if you just use LOOT to sort your plugins for you. Basically, make sure you're loading each patch after both the corresponding mod plugins.