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Armor set and weapons

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This armor uses the Bosmer Elder Armor meshes and recolored textures.

Items added include:
Bosmer Elder Shadow Armor

Bosmer Elder Shadow Gloves
Bosmer Elder Shadow Boots
Bosmer Elder Shadow Hood
Bosmer Elder Shadow Shoulder Cape
Bosmer Elder Shadow Short Sword
Bosmer Elder Shadow Short Sword Twin (same as regular short sword, added for personal use with conflicting mod)
Bosmer Elder Shadow Arrow
Bosmer Elder Shadow Bow
Bosmer Shadow Mask

Black Bosmer Shadow Mask
Black Bosmer Elder Shadow Shoulder Cape

All stats are the same as the Bosmer Elder Armor from the Bosmer Armor Pack, except for the arrows, which move 50% faster.

Special Thanks to Maty743 for the persmission to use his meshes and textures

Please download the Bosmer Armor Pack to support the original mod
Bosmer Armor Pack

A special word from Maty743...

Please go give these contributors some Kudos and check out and endorse their amazing mods as without their help this mod might not have come to
- Firstly a huge thank you to Arynn for allowing me to use his amazing chest/vest mesh as a base starting
point for my armor. Without this asset it would have taken me a great
amount of time to get the look I wanted and I may have even ditched the
project all together. Check out his superb oblivion mods, especially the
lotr ones. I just wish I had known about these when I was playing
oblivion last.
Oblivion mod profile
Skyrim mod profile

- Secondly a big thank you to Isilmeriel for letting me use her Dagger meshes and some base textures. I
absolutely love these Daggers and also the rest of her superb lotr
weapon pack. I highly recommend getting this pack if you do not have it
already as it blends perfectly into skyrim.
Skyrim mod profile

- I would also like to credit Bethesda for their great game and
continuing to support the modding community. The developers of Blender
and Nifscope.

- Lastly thankyou to all that have supported me, given me ideas and support etc. Especially NWaldinger and alduin78 who
have helped keep me on track and motivated. Thanks :)