Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

A small xEdit script that removes the weight from all items.

Permissions and credits
A small xEdit script based on Mators xEdit Patching Framework, that removes the weight from all Items.

I created it, because the Quick Change Script included in Mator's Automation Tools was too slow for me.

How to install:

1. Download the newest Version of xEdit here.
2. Extract it wherever you want.
3. Download Mators xEdit Patching Framework.
4. Extract the Edit Scripts Folder to where you extracted xEdit.
5. Download and extract my mod into your xEdit installation.

How to run:

1. Start xEdit.
2. Load your whole load order.
3. Click anywhere on the left pane.
4. Select apply script.
5. Choose 'Skyrim - Weightless Patcher.pas'.
6. Click on ok.
7. Tick the boxes next to all Mods you want to patch.
WARNING: you can't edit Skyrim.esm
WARNING: This will change the plugins themselves. (This saves Plugin space and you will not have to patch the same plugin twice)
8. close xEdit
9. Save all Plugins.

For other games:
Fallout 4