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Real Wildlife - Skyrim Special Edition.

Over 490 new variants of the natural wildlife of Skyrim!

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I was given permission to port this mod by Nedius through PM. This mod was too good to be left behind, so I took the liberty to port Nedius's mod over to Skyrim SE. Patches are beyond my knowledge atm, but its not out of the possibility, could use some help for that.

by Nedius:


This mod has now been fully cleaned, as should, as far as I know, run
without any crashes or other issues. Obviously, mods that alter wildlife
and behaviour may cause issues, but I have done my best to avoid this
by making all my creatures unique.

However, it won't 'work' with mods where you need to eat, as my food won't have the scripts to make
them a requirement. If someone knows how to add those, would love the


Over 490 new variants of the natural wildlife of Skyrim! Revised AI and wildlife faction interaction, 16 new lore friendly diseases, 45 new
ingredients, 21 new foods and 21 new recipes!

Bethesda Forums Discussion:
1. Installation
2. Note on Merging Leveled Lists
3. Features
4. Known Bugs
5. Known mod conflicts & Patches
6. Change Log
7. Plans for Future
8. Requests
9. Thanks/Credits
10. Translations

1. Instillation

Extract the .esp into your Skyrim SE data folder (probably located at
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrimSE\Data) or some similar location.

Select the plugin via the plugin menu on the load menu, or via the Mod Manager of your choice.

Please ignore the ‘0.1’ at the end of the mod. This will not be changed so
that people using systems such as NMM, MO2, LOOT, ETC.

2. Leveled Lists

Real Wildlife - Skyrim SE edits the leveled lists for the basic Skyrim SE game. If you are concerned that this will affect
other mods, I recommend creating a merged mod using a tool such as Wrye
Bash ( or Mator Smash (

3. Features

This mod includes:

Over 490 age and disease based variants of the following:
oBears (normal, cave and snow)
oChaurus / Charus Reaper
oFoxes / Arctic Foxes
oFrostbite spiders (over 50 additional variations of these...)
oHorses (all types)
oIce Wraith
oSabre Cats (normal and snow)
oSkeevers (multiple variations including many new diseased variants)
oSpriggans / Spriggan Matrons
oTrolls / Frost Trolls (including a new ‘Demented’ variant)
oWolves (Normal, Red and Ice)

The lore-friendly diseases added in this mod now include:
oFeeble Limb
oRed Rage
oRust chancre
oSerpiginous Dementia
oSwamp Fever
oWitless Pox
oYellow Tick

For list of effects they give, please see the very bottom of this file (in case of spoilers!)

Enhanced difficulty - Juvenile, Adult and Mature creatures are more challenging than Skyrim's base wildlife.
29 new ingredient variants (e.g. eyes, hearts, claws and meat for appropriate creatures)
20+ new foods (creature meats)
11 new food recipes
New additions to existing leveled lists are few, but include:
oWild dogs to the 'prey' / ambient creatures
ostray cows to the 'prey' lists in appropriate areas
oTiny, non-aggressive spiders to ambient creatures.
oSmall, non-agressive Skeevers to take the place of common ‘rats’.
oWild horses and Wild cows to plains 'prey' lists.
o'Demented Trolls' - They act a little unpredictably. Basically, I needed a creature to carry 'Serpiginous Dementia'...

This means you can now encounter hundreds of variations on the existing
wildlife - a bit more natural. Oh, and in response to requests, the
creatures I've decided are 'fast' have had their speed increased by 25%.
And a number of wildlife have had they basic AI altered - Many variants
will be more passive, give warnings, run away etc. But not too much - I
may make a specific 'Passive Real Wildlife - Skyrim' version of the mod
for those who want the wildlife to all but ignore the PC.

4. Known Bugs

Reanimated horses do not animate. This is a feature of the basic Horse Race from
the vanilla game, which I’m hesitant to alter to reduce the risk of
Cows – They’re filled with helium. Why this is, I’m not sure. It’s been suggested that it’s caused
by the alterations in scale, that anything other than 1.0 will cause
this, but I’m not sure.
Some creatures occasionally do not animate, but this is rare – possibly caused by a
problem with how the game handles altered levelled lists.
Some users report CTDs, but I’ve been unable to replicate them, so can’t say why this is happening.

5. Known Conflicts:

read here for conflicts and what might be expected from ported mods over here from Oldrim.

6. Credits

Imp Of The Perverse

The Skyrim Community for their support and feedback.


The lore-friendly diseases added in this mod are made to reflect the past effect and
severity of the diseases included in past Elder Scrolls games:
oBloodlung – Reduced Stamina
oCollywobbles – Reduced Speed, Carry Weight and Stamina
oDampworm – Reduced Speed
oDroops – Reduced Jump and Speed
oFeeble Limb – Reduced Carry Weight and Melee Damage
oGreenspore – Reduced Speechcraft
oHelljoint – Reduced Speed and Melee Damage
oRed Rage – Reduced Carry Weight and Magic Resistance
oRust chancre – Reduced Speed and Speechcraft
oSerpiginous Dementia – Reduced Magica, Magica Resistance and Speechcraft
oShakes – Reduced Sneak and Speed
oSwamp Fever – Reduced Carry Weight and Stamina
oTicklebritch – Reduced Stamina and Speechcraft
oWither – Reduced Carry Weight and Stamina
oWitless Pox – Reduced Magica
oYellow Tick – Reduced Speed and Carry Weight

For full details of the Alchemical effects of the new ingredients, see the ‘Real Wildlife Skyrim Alchemy List’, inside the mod folder.