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  1. kimyeongtae
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    Thanks so much for making this - I always used a variation of Tania's face for my Dragonborn in Oldrim, and I wouldn't be making the transition to SE without this mod!But I have a question.I took this mod, and when into Creation Kit, and duplicate the race so that i could create a custom name/description for the race and leave Breton vanilla. Of course, because I duplicated, everything was the same, except I needed to tick on the morphs to get the face to work. I succeeded in creating a brand new race category with the Tania face (separate from Breton), but I have a problem. When I make my character in Racemenu, I can adjust everything perfectly and get the desired face (minor tweaks to things like mouth and eyes), change eye color, and hair, and everything. Then I accept. But when I go to 'showracemenu' and bring the racemenu back up, both 'Hair style' and 'Eye Color' are set to 0 and if I try to move the slider, the hair/eyes do not change and the slider goes up to several hundred thousands. Is there a mistake I made in the Creation Kit? Do you know how I can fix it? (btw, I did not experiment if this problem occurs in the mod as-is without my tweaking in Creation Kit....but if you could give me some advice anyway, I would appreciate it!...I will probably try tomorrow with the mod as you created it and see if the problem persists.)
  2. qhch1994
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    Caution, mod is compatible with SSE, but DONT USE ANY OTHER ADDITIONAL BODYSLIDE OR ENHANCECHARACTERMENU(ECE) that changes characterhead, disable them all. The mod has just added two completely new races called "breton" and "nord" other than modify on the original ;/

    This mod has contains everything that makes you looks like Leifa or Tania close enough
  3. Earlybirdzzz
    • member
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    Am I supposed to use this with a specific body mod? I seem to always get this weird lighting neck seam when I use UNP renewal (No neck seam while facing light source but blatant neck seam when not facing one)
  4. zackpro07
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  5. goldentrash
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    I've had this for a long time and I love it
    Just wondering though... is it possible to have it for Imperials too?
  6. Miryo89
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    There is a thing to get Tania get working in Skyrim SE?
  7. tehmaddoctor
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    Is it possible to use a similar process with other followers to turn them into player presets?
  8. jerryh72
    • supporter
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    The breton preset looks great , but the nord is messed up , huge elf ears , tiny head , biggest overbite in Tamriel . Endorsed for the breton , could you make them seperate downloads ?
  9. momoka123
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    After turn in to werewolf and turn back, the character face gone ugly (the ugly vanilla default 01 preset) , did this happen to anyone? ( I love this mod BTW
  10. MurderByKats
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    This is not working for me and I tried tinkering with the sliders and it still doesn't seem to resemble anything.
    If anybody got this working, can you explain what exactly did you do to make it work?
    1. alan81512
      • member
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      watch teaching videos
    2. blizzard109
      • member
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      doesn't work for me either...I did the exact steps shown in the video...TAT
    3. JRCosta
      • member
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      Could be a problem with the packing, no Data folder so NMM can't install properly.

      Extract the files to your desktop and rename the folder LeinaFace to Data; repack again everything with 7zip/winrar/winzip, rename the compressed file as Leina-Tania or similar, and use NMM to install.

      This will overwrite some files on your character folder, so overhauls that use the same character folder are prone to bugs since this is a custom head mesh with custom .tri files (consider .tri files as related with sliders and facial expressions) and custom body meshes and textures.
    4. Varithgar
      • member
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      1.) Make sure nothing is overwriting your leina face tex and meshes otherwise you're gonna have a bad time.
      2.) Go to character/race menu
      3.) Set the preset slot to 1 first, and then each slider at the top every category to 0 {for the ones already at 0, I like to set them to 1 and then back to 0 be sure}
      4.) When all sliders are set to 0 go back and set the preset to 0
      5.) The face might not look similar so go set the hair to 0 and see how it looks.
      6.) If it looks right, go change your, eyes, lips etc if it doesnt, fresh install the mod and retry these steps

      Message me a scrrenshot if you need any more help