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Adds banners along roads showing which hold you are about to enter.

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  • Updated water flow records in Riverwood and Dragon Bridge

This mod adds banners along roadsides at the boundaries of two holds. The banner you see will show you which hold you are entering. If you're not sure what the banner represents, just walk up to it and it will show the name of the hold.

County and state boundaries are marked in real life, so why not Skyrim?

The borders were placed using the original Skyrim map that shipped with the game. If you are using Warburg's Paper 3D Map (2nd Texture), the borders should match.

Assets Used
This mod contains a re-texture of the Markarth city banner created by Sydzilla to replace the place-holder texture in the vanilla game. Sydzilla's original mod can be found here.


A huge thank you to 'Sydzilla' for the Markarth banner re-texture and making it available as a modder's resource.

Thank you to 'dptheslothking', 'izon87604', 'Gopher' & 'GamerPoets' for their youtube features.

Thanks to 'BJTheGuru' for suggesting the idea in the 'Point The Way' discussion thread.

Thanks to 'Arthmoor' for the recommendation on his 'Point The Way' mod page.

Thanks to 'daventry' and 'LotteryDiscountz' for confirming compatibility with 'Touring Carriages'.

Thank you to 'Pierre6396', 'xTIWOx', 'linqueo', 'EHPDJFrANKy' and everyone who created translations.

Thank you to everyone who downloaded and endorsed.

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