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A Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) for Moonlight Tales Special Edition, as an alternative to the "Ancient Ring."

Permissions and credits

This is a Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) intended to replace the somewhat clunky menu accessed via the "Ancient Ring" in Moonlight Tales. It does not remove the Ancient Ring, but renders it obsolete, making the Moonlight Tales settings easier to navigate and change. (Update: Version 0.2 adds an option to remove the Ancient Ring in the Tools menu, but it will be regranted if Moonlight Tales is reinitialized.)

I tried to keep the overall structure of the original menu consistent, but I did add some features, such as customizable lunar transformation probabilities.


Moonlight Tales


Unzip into your Data folder, or install with a mod manager. I did not use any assets from the vanilla game or from Moonlight Tales, so it should not overwrite anything.

Special Notes

  • SKSE64 and SkyUI are currently in beta, so some bugs may be inherited from these mods, but feel free to report any bugs you find. Please address any Moonlight Tales bugs to that mod page; I only made the menu.
  • It may take a minute for SkyUI to register the menu after installation. The menu may be blank until Moonlight Tales itself initializes, for which your character must be outdoors.
  • This MCM expects "Moonlight Tales Special Edition.esp" to be in your load order and will not work without it. If for some reason you changed the name of that plugin or merged it with another mod, you can edit the MTSE_MCMScript.psc file, change the value of "pluginName" in the list of variables to the name of your modified or merged file, and recompile. This still may not work if many Form IDs changed.


Many thanks to schlangster and the SkyUI team for their hard work, great mod, and extensive documentation.

Thanks to Brevi and spwned for Moonlight Tales, an essential mod for my werewolf playthroughs.

Mod and scripts edited with Creation Kit and with Notepad++.