Crimson Nirnroot Markers by MercAngel
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Added: 30/10/2016 - 04:53PM
Updated: 02/11/2016 - 01:07AM

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Last updated at 1:07, 2 Nov 2016 Uploaded at 16:53, 30 Oct 2016

This seam to work with the scripts extraced from the bas files let me know

This mod will add quest markers to the Crimson Nirnroot in Blackreach for the quest A Return To Your Roots.

i got the idea for this mod from Turn_on_a_Dime mod Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers. so i want to give credit to Turn_on_a_Dime.

I have made some changes to this mod and hope i have fixed some things.

you can now toggle the makers on and off from inside the game with the console

NOTE: if you you have started or done A Return To Your Roots this mod will trigger the makers

NOTE: You will find some Crimson Nirnroot do not have markers i do not think this is a bug but a limit to the number of quest markers that can be on the screen, as some that do not have markers will have them after you pick up some that do.

toggle command in the console is: startquest CNMarkersConfig