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Turns the cool-blue/white glowy ball and light source from Candlelight into a warm yellow/orange glowy ball and light source.

Original Author: koiwe (creator)
Optional Files : ThatSpartacusGuy (designer)
Noob porter: Vashra1 (clueless noob with a love of orange things)

Permissions and credits
(UPDATE: If you have the old weird named version, please delete it and download version 2.0 - The previous version was uploaded in an incomplete state. When I was made aware of this, I took it down - So I said...this is my first port *blush*)


This is an UNOFFICIAL (I am NOT the mod author) port of the Orange Candlelight mod from Skyrim(Oldrim) to SE -- I did contact Kaspar/koiwe and I do have permission from them to post this conversion.


Any and all credit for the mod iteslf goes to Kaspar/koiwe. Optional Files meshes designed by ThatSpartacusGuy


This is my very first port, and was a learning exercise. Use at your own risk ;)


I *have* used the latest nif optimizer, and I verified the mod was clean with respect to the masters/dlc in SSEEdit after porting it over in Creation Kit.


If you find anything wrong with this port, please let me know, so I can at least learn something.


This mod solidly conflicts with Battle Ready Candlelight.

ThatSpartacusGuy was kind enough to design meshes for this mod that do what his mod does to the clarity and positioning of the glowy ball. If you want these colors *and* his tweaks, download either the loose or bsa version of THIS mod's main files and install them, then download the meshes he has provided here (located under Optional Files) and let them overwrite the main meshes. YOU CANNOT INSTALL HIS MOD AND THIS ONE because they will cancel out regardless of load order! This is why he was kind enough to alter textures to work with this mod for me. You either install his mod and get the default blue-white colors of Skyrim's Candlelight OR this mod (with the meshes he provided here) to get his tweaks and these colors.

If all you want are these colors but not his tweaks, just don't download the Optional Files - this mod's main files are set to Skyrim's default positioning.


I have no idea how this works with any shaders or enbs as I have not yet figured out how to use shaders or enbs *blush*.Given the known conflict above, this mod might mess with other mods that change how the Candlelight spell *looks* - it should NOT mess with any other aspect of magic, though I'm not sure if the color difference affects stealth.


Download and unpack the zip. Copy and paste everything into your game's data folder. Click "yes" for merging the meshes and textures folders, and click "yes" for any overwrites OR CLICK CANCEL and figure out what it is that you don't necessarily want overridden ;)


Click the shiny button and let the mod manager do all the Things.


After anything else that might affect how the Candlelight spell looks, otherwise you can shove this up pretty high and it shouldn't matter (I think).


Just Skyrim and the Official Update (dlc not required but if you have SE you have them, so whatever).


Reverse the above processes >:)~~~~

The tiny esp for this mod *is* required to get the full look.