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4 variants of Seal and 3 variants of Sea Lions. Striped Sea Lion and Monk Seal prefers warm waters of South Solstheim. Speckled Seal and Ringnecked Sea Lion live on northwest coast of Skyrim, while Common Seal and Brown Sea Lion on Northeast coast. The Leopard Seal occurs in all waters. You can hunt this passive mammals for food and seal fat.

Permissions and credits
I will not be supporting this release with bugs or suggestions, as these are beyond my ability, this is a simple conversion. Please bring any such issues to the original mods page, as the creator is still active
and should be able to help you. I will only be updating this mod to keepit up to date with the original, assuming the creator doesn't port it to SSE themselves.

Images are from the original Oldrim mod, if the foliage or terrain doesn't look like you expect for SSE this is why.

Please support the original creator at the link below, all I did was port
thismod to SSE. This mod has been ported based on permissions as stated in the original mods description.

Q: How can I immediately test that this is working for me? The original mod only lists the location as "northern coasts".
A: You can find some on the dock outside of Solitude.

Q: So you really won't be altering this mod in any way from the original?
A: Aside from optimizing the models for SSE, no.

Q: What will happen to this mod if the creator ports it over themselves?
A: I will mark it as redundant and link to the new SSE port in the description. Any future mods referencing files in this port would still function with a port by the original creator.

Q: Why is this marked "VR compatible"? What is VR related about this?
A: It adds new creatures to the game, nothing about that interferes with VR. If anything marking it VR compatible is redundant since any mod thatisn't armor or weapons related should automatically be VR
compatible. If I am wrong please tell me, I don't own a VR headset to test.