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This mod builds off of the original Equippable Tomes mod by adding magic items that amplify spell schools and can be disenchanted. These items include jewelry, robes, and vampire armor. Also included are Grimoires that add a constant spell effect to the wearer.

Permissions and credits
Equippable Tomes ‒ Extended
Original by Robbie922004, created with author’s permission
This mod requires the original Equippable Tomes ‒ Belt-worn Books. This mod does not contain the BSA needed for necessary resources.

UPDATES and Notifications:

  • Renamed the .esp file to EquippableTomes.esp so that compatibility with the Campfire Add-On mod will work with this extension.
  • Corrected the Biped Object value of the Treatise of the Priest - Back Right so it no longer takes the Body slot (32).
  • Corrected the Biped Object value of the Treatise of the Priest - Back Right so it no longer takes the Long Hair slot (41).
  • Changed the Magic Skill value of EnchFortifyMagickaConstantSelf and EnchFortifyMagickaRateConstantSelf magic effects so that the player's Restoration skill doesn't effect the Magic tomes (i.e. Treatise of the Witch, Treatise of the Warlock, etc.). This should also keep other mods that buff restoration abilities from effecting these enchantments (note that these are the vanilla game magic effects; some mods that I use buff Restoration and effect all magic effects that have Restoration as their assigned Magic Skill).

  • Compatibility with Campfire mod (pending): Robbie922004's patch isn't working because I changed the name of the base ESP file. The easiest fix should be to simply change the name of the Equippable Tomes - Extended.esp to Equippable Tomes.esp. My goof. Will update with next upload.
  • Compatibility with Ordinator mod (pending): The tomes recipes were changed to require the Novice, Apprentice, Adept, Expert and Master spell tree perks to show up in the crafting menu. So, any mod that changes those aspects of the tree will not work. I'll try to think of a better solution than individual "patches."
This mod builds off of the original Equippable Tomes mod by adding magic items that amplify spell schools and can be disenchanted. These items include jewelry, robes, and vampire armor. Spell school tomes have been reimagined as Treatises, special tomes that can only be constructed with specific requirements. Added are Grimoires, tomes that add a (near) constant magical effect. All items, Tomes, Treatises and Grimoires can be found at vendors, on NPCs and throughout Skyrim.
Amplify Spell School
This magical effect does what its name suggests: amplifies the effect of a spell school. The model follows that of alchemy Fortify potions—Alteration and Conjuration spell duration is increased, Illusion spells effect higher level targets, and Destruction and Restoration spells are more powerful, damaging or healing a greater amount respectively. Items containing this enchantment can be disenchanted and applied following the same criteria as Fortify Spell School enchantments. In terms of ranking, the enchantment shares the same scaling as Resist Magic. More powerful amplification effects can be had by constructing Treatises.
Tomes, Treatises and Grimoires
From the original Equippable Tomes mod, spell school tomes have been renamed Treatises to differentiate them from custom items the player might make from unenchanted tomes. Treatises are special tomes that are more powerful than custom tomes and need to be constructed using components and, in the case of the most powerful, reagents. Treatises cannot be disenchanted. However, the effects do stack. So, a character could effectively equip two Master Treatises of Destruction for a combined bonus of +100% spell damage, +100% magicka regen rate and +200 magicka points.
Grimoires are similar to Treatises in that they also cannot be disenchanted. However, the purpose of this type of tome is slightly different. Grimoires are used to apply a (near) constant spell effect on the character. Multiple Grimoires can be worn, but similar effects do not stack; i.e. wearing two Grimoires of Ebonyflesh does not double the effect, nor would Grimoire of Oakflesh and Grimoire of Ironflesh stack. Note: Grimoires require scripts in order to work (the script source is included in the archive).

Change Notes: Tomes have been changed to use the same enchanting restrictions as clothing. Any enchantment that can be placed on clothing can be placed on a tome, including robe enchantments.
The ranking of spell school Treatises has been changed to reflect the perk ranks in the skill trees; i.e. Novice, Apprentice, Adept, Expert and Master.
This ESP file must be loaded after the original Equippable Tomes ESP.
Treatises are based on an iteration system in that the lesser must be present before the greater can be constructed. This means that a Treatise of the Witch must be available in order to create a Treatise of the Warlock. Similarly, a Novice Treatise of Alteration must be available in order to create an Apprentice Treatise of Alteration. Grimoires do not (at this time) have the same limitations since they are based off individual spells or perks. All Treatises must start with unenchanted tomes of the associated type (magicka related Treatises start with the unenchanted Black Tome). Grimoires need the spell tome associated with the spell to induce.
Along with rings and circlets, the amplify enchantment is placed on Necromancer robes and Warlock Robes (hooded and without hood), College robes, Vampire armor and the Archmage’s robes.
Statistics Overview
Below are the basic statistics regarding new items and repurposed Tomes/Treatises. A full breakdown including creation requirements is included in a CSV file in the ZIP archive.

Amplify Spell School
  • Circlet: 10-22% Amplification
  • Rings: 10-22% Amplification

College Robes
  • Version 1: 10-20% Amplification, 50-150% Magicka Regen Rate
  • Version 2: 10-20% Amplification, 12-22% Fortify

Other Robes
  • Black/Blue: 20 Magicka, 50% Magicka Regen Rate
  • Warlock*: 12-25% Amplification, 50% Magicka Regen Rate
  • Archmage**: 15% Amplification, 15% Fortify, (50 Magicka) 100% Magicka Regen Rate

  • Magicka: 10-100 Magicka, 25-150% Magicka Regen Rate
  • Spell School: 10-50% Amplification, 20-100 Magicka, 50% Magicka Regen Rate

  • Flesh: Applies a near-constant effect*** of Oakflesh, Stoneflesh, Ironflesh or Ebonyflesh

* Also applies to Necromancer Robes and enchanted Vampire Armor
** Applies to all spell schools
*** Effectively constant; about 999 real-world days

TODO: There are a few more things I'd like to do with this concept should time permit.
  • Create compatibility with Robbie922004's Campfire patch and mods that change the nature of spell school perk trees.
  • Create Skill Book Treatises by merging like skill books (i.e. Blocking).
  • Create Perk Grimoires for certain perks (i.e. Augmented Flames).
  • Create Spell Grimoires for other spells (i.e. Flame Cloak).
  • Make Ragged Archmage’s Robes available upon request or through quest.
  • Current RefIDs (items based off beggar’s apparel): XX01F2F8 – Ragged Archmage’s Boots, XX01F2F9 – Ragged Archmage’s Cap, XX01F2FA – Ragged Archmage’s Robes
  • Create recipes to allow tomes to be switched from right version to left version and vice versa.
  • Create Power Grimoires that provide power- or shout-like abilities under certain circumstances (i.e. "shout" that casts a Dawnbreaker-like explosion around the character, or triggers a health/magicka/stamina boost when under X% of maximum).