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Script change and a batch file to enable dragon attacks in walled cities

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Might cause CTD when there's no place for dragon to land, and/or there's too many NPCs in the city. In that case, this mod can be relatively safely uninstalled.

Random dragons can not attack inside walled cities such as Whiterun, Solitude, Markath, Windhelm and Riften in vanilla Skyrim. This mod contains modified to script and a batch file to enable dragon attacks inside walled cities.

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch, probably not a hard requirement but the script is based on USSEP's wifunctionsscript.pex, therefore user is advised to install USSEP.

1. Use your mod manager to install the mod.
Pick only one, ESL packed version or loose file version.
ESL file is empty and only exists to unpack the packaged BSA file. ESL won't take up your plugin slot.
Make sure this mod is loaded after USSEP.
2. If you're modding on an existing save, open console (press `) and type bat enabledragonattacks

1. Open console and type bat disabledragonattacks
2. Use your mod manager to uninstall the mod.

Open Cities Skyrim (AFAIK this mod already enables dragon attacks in walled cities by default, as this mod removes such walls to begin with)

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If batch file does not work, copy enabledragonattacks.txt and disabledragonattacks.txt files directly into Skyrim's Data folder and execute from there.