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Alters the properties of the Nightingale equipment

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This is a quick and simple mod to alter the Nightingale armor and weapons in a way that I felt made more sense for a traditional thief character to use as combat gear. The exact changes are listed below.

Nightingale Gloves - Removed fortify lockpicking enchantment. You have Guildmaster armor for thieving. This is supposed to be combat gear. Added backstab effect from the shrouded gloves (double one-handed sneak attack damage). Fortify one-handed enchantment left intact.

Nightingale Hood - Removed fortify illusion enchantment. Let's be honest, who actually made use of that? Added fortify sneak and fortify archery enchantments.

Nightingale Armor and Boots - Left untouched. They were fine.

Nightingale Blade - Enchantment removed, cannot be enchanted. Has unique the properties of weighing only 5 units, has an attack speed of 1.2 (normal swords are 1.0, daggers are 1.3), and can sneak attack without alerting enemies just like a dagger. I disliked it having a generic enchantment and decided to make it feel more mystical and unique.

Nightingale Bow - Enchantment removed, cannot be enchanted. Weighs only 6 units, changed from drawing as slow as a daedric bow to drawing as fast as a long bow. Same logic as above, feels much better to use.

Any properties not mentioned such as damage and armor rating were left untouched.