Skyrim Special Edition
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A lifelike, cinematic, and realisticly dark ReShade.

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                   **IMPORTANT README**
                       If you have not yet heard. Boris from ENBDev came out with a new ENB beta for SSE on 03-11.
                       Til actual release, hold off on downloading any ENB preset currently available. These are NOT optimized for SSE.
                       This not only causes long loading times, but also has NO interior/exterior separation, or other effects yet.
                       I'll personally start working on my first ever ENB when it drops, if I can get it all figured out.
                       Currently testing Clearview ENB. For now: Vanilla vs. ENB,  Vanilla vs. ReShade,  ReShade vs. ENB.
                      *You can check if the version is out of beta at the top at the ENBDev News section.

                       A lifelike, cinematic, and realisticly dark ReShade. Designed from the ground up to lift that ugly veil off the screen,
                       whilst not taking away too much of the original SkyrimSE we all love.

                       Experience the difference in fullscreen!: 
                       Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5. (Bottom right corner button)[/left]

                   Let's Battle!:
                       Since this is Skyrim, what would this page be without a proper battle?
                       I've put my ReShade up against two of the most downloaded and popular Reshades right now. 
                       Same in-game settings, same scene, same time of day, same weather. Just different presets. (DOF disabled) 
                       Now you can make an educated decision without having to go through all them yourself.

                       - Clearview Vs. BetterLookingSkyrim     (83 FPS vs. 79 FPS)
                       - Clearview Vs. Re-engage                    (83 FPS vs. 64 FPS)
                       - Clearview Vs. Re-engage w. MXAO      (83 FPS vs. 47 FPS)

                       Testing PC: Intel i7 5930k, MSI 980 Ti, 16 Gb DDR4, SSD, 2560x1440 - Original main mods, and mod settings used, nothing tweaked.

                       Clearview 3.0 - Enhanced DOF. More blur when close, less/no blur from afar with a s smoother focus (~5/6 FPS)
                       Example: See video below! (Also available in Lite & Brite versions)

                       Clearview 2.0 Lite - More visibility in the shadows. I still personally prefer normal 2.0.
                       Example: Clearview 2.0 Lite - Inside
                       Example: Clearview 2.0 Lite - Nighttime

                       Clearview 2.0 Brite - More visibility in the highlights. I still personally prefer normal 2.0.
                       Example: Clearview 2.0 Brite - Cave
                       Example: Clearview 2.0 Brite - Daytime

                    Toggle Keys:
                       - All effects (Scroll Lock)

                       Version 3.0
                       - Depth of field: Matso (Page Up) Enhanced & smoother DOF

                       Version 2.0
                       - Depth of field: Ringdof (Page Up) [Only blurs background]
                       - Depth of field: MartyMcfly (Page Down) [Also blurs foreground]

                   Graphics & Performance:
                       - I actually put the in-game brightness slider 2 steps to the left, for further darkness. Personal preference.
                       - If the image is too dark, you can either: Increase game brightness, or use the 2.0 Lite version.
                       - For better performance > Shift+F2 > Turn off AmbientLight. Will impact daylight visuals, but not too much.

                       - I HIGHLY suggest using Dynamically Disable Eye Adaptation and Bloom with this mod. Reduces a lot of ugly highlights.
                       - Techniques: LumaSharpen, FilmicPass, Curves, Tonemap, LiftGammaGain, AmbientLight, Ringdof & MartyMcfly.
                       - I use DarkerNights myself. When using this ReShade, make sure to select medium or below, for visibility at night.
                       - Uses between ~5/10 fps on my rig.

                       1. Download ReShade 3.03
                       2. Install, Select SkyrimSE.exe, select DirectX 10/11
                       3. Download example shader library (Yes at prompt)
                       4. Download my preset
                       5. Copy "Clearview.ini" to SkyrimSE.exe location (Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim Special Edition)
                       6. Start SSE, Shift+F2, continue in the Reshade panel.
                       7. If the preset doesn't show, enter "Clearview 2.0", or "Clearview 2.0 Lite" in the preset panel
                       8. ...Profit?


                       Also, let me know what you think in the comments, and post your own in-game screenshots. I'd love to see them all!