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Go from useless pickpocket to master cut-purse with a dynamically increasing pickpocket cap.

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Dynamically increases the pickpocket chance cap as you gain in the pickpocket skill. By default you will start with a cap of 90% (same as the un-modded value), but over time that cap will rise until it hits 99% at 100 Pickpocket skill.

Each time you pick a pocket in Skyrim it calculates the chance of success based upon a number of variables including the pickpocket skill, the value of the items being stolen etc. However the chance of success is capped at 90%, no matter how good a pickpocket you are, or how worthless the item is. This means that a 100 skill pickpocket with several magical items helping his pickpocket, stealing a single gold coin, will still fail one in ten times. This is a little frustrating and makes the pickpocket experience feel ridiculous at the higher levels. 

Now one option is to just raise the cap to 99 or 100 from the start, but this makes the early game too easy and allows you to rob more or less everybody you meet without much trouble as long as you stick to low value items. This is somewhat boring as you never get the thrill of running away from angry guards and victims. So with this mod you can experience what it is like to be a rookie thief early on, but a ghost like ninja in the end game.