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This pack contains four standalone followers, 2 Khajiit and 2 Argonian, that are added to different holds of Skyrim. Their bodies and skin textures are left untouched so that they fit into your game more naturally. Version A simply adds them to the world and adds a few idle markers while Version B makes edits to their cells/worldspace locations.

Permissions and credits
In a continued quest to give the beast races some attention, I created four followers that have their own spawn areas, routines, appearances, and skill sets. I wanted to make sure that none of them were added to the usual areas such as Whiterun or Riverwood to avoid overcrowding of custom NPCs. They're meant to be discovered on your travels in serendipitous fashion rather than waiting around in the starter areas. I've avoided including skin textures and body meshes so if you use a certain texture set or body mod, they'll adapt to your aesthetic decisions. I hope these boyes are helpful or at least add some more flavor to your travels.

 All are marked as essential.


Naresh (Knight)
Naresh's favorite stories as a young boy were those of the gallant, chaste knights in shimmering armor. Though he wishes to live his life as a true knight, he holds an independent, pragmatic opinion on morality - being the hero means having to make unsavory decisions once in a while. Naresh is taken with the Dragonborn's story, finding the fatefulness of it all very romantic; he'd be happy to be a part of their destiny. Until he is called, he resides in Markarth where he watches over the homeless during the daytime.
Location(s): Markarth Silver Blood Inn, Markarth Hag's Cure, Markarth Warrens. From midnight to 8AM, he'll relax in the inn. Then for a few hours he'll be in Hag's Cure before traveling to the Warrens where he'll stay from 3pm to 11pm. 
Skills: Heavy Armor, One Handed weapons (Swords), Block. He also uses minor healing and Undead banishment spells.
Voice: MaleKhajiit
Marriage: No, a true knight is married to his duty! 

Version B:
Naresh's efforts of helping the homeless are made more visible, with some furniture additions to the Warrens as well as some removed rubble. He has moved in two cooking spits, an anvil, a workbench, and an alchemy table so the denizens can better care for themselves.

-replaced most dirty bed rolls with fresh ones
-removed some rubble
-added alchemy table, armor workbench, and an anvil
-added firepit + cooking spit + food barrels

Eats-Bees (Warlock)
Despite his innate casting abilities, Eats-Bees let life get him down. When his happiness went, so did his interest in the more noble schools of magic. People have learned to avoid this sad cat who only seems to be interested in drink and necromancy. Like a true sadboye, he lives alone in the wilds and only leaves the perimeter of his camp once a week to restock on the essentials: food and booze. Eats-Bees prefers the spooky swamp atmosphere and goes to Morthal for his Loredas field trips instead of the nearby Solitude. The Dragonborn can enable Eats-Bees' destructive, antisocial behavior or try to set a good example and maybe even show him a little tenderness. 
Location(s): A small camp on the coast under the Solitude outcropping. Folgunthur is nearby and there's a full view of the Solitude docks. On weekdays, he'll walk around the perimeter of his camp from 10AM to Midnight. He travels to Morthal inn on the weekends.
Skills: Conjuration, Alteration, Illustion.
Voice: MaleDrunk
Marriage: Yes

Version B:
His camp now better reflects his long-term residency and questionable mental state. 
-Added alchemy table, enchanting table, a nonsensical bed 
-removed other bedroll
-added shrine of Julianos
-Replaced large cooking spit with smaller one
-added shelf with stored provisions


Eldred (Spellsword)
The skill set of a Spellsword is vast and the discipline required is admirable - Eldred could have been a highly decorated and accomplished wizard were he not an Argonian living in Skyrim. After decades of honing his skills, he found that the right people weren't interested in the services of his kind. He had to settle for living the life of a freelance hired muscle. Having been assigned only menial tasks by citizens with boring problems, Eldred has forgotten all about real adventure. His lack of interest in mundane mercenary work and Skyrim politics has led him into an early retirement. He relocated to a small obscure cabin in The Reach to dissuade those who only want their little problems solved from tracking him down. Only the exciting dungeon-delving life of the Dragonborn could pull him out of his existential malaise.
Location(s): Cliffside Retreat in the Reach
Skills: Heavy Armor, One-handed, Destruction
Voice: MaleBrute
Marriage: Yes

Version B:
It's now more apparent that the area is lived in with some items that are relevant to people residing in the wild.

-Added campfire + spit + bench
-Added two insect spawns
-Added Alchemy table and anvil

Bax-Lee (Pilgrim)
This Argonian vagabond likes to keep it simple - he travels lightly, takes that which isn't being used, and avoids long-term commitments that threaten his independence. He fancies himself as a bit of an adventurer although he's recently hit a low point in inspiration. Bax-Lee occupies a previously-abandoned camp in the north, steadfastly believing the traitorous frozen coast would re-awaken his lust for travel. These days, he mills about the perimeter of his camp with a weekly trek to the Shrine of Azura. Bax-Lee is not wholly unhappy, but often ponders his purpose. Perhaps the Dragonborn can take him on one of their many missions to reinvigorate his spirit.

Location(s): Abandoned camp on Winterhold coast, near Bleakcoast Cave. On weekdays, he'll walk along the coast and on the cliff near his camp. He makes a trek to Azura's Shrine on the weekends. 
Skills: Light Armor, One-Handed, Sneak, Block, Apprentice-level lockpicking
Voice: MaleArgonian
Marriage: Yes

Version B:
Bax-Lee has settled into his campsite a little more after growing more accustomed to life in the snow.
-removed other tent/bedroll
-added cooking spit, shrunk campfire
-removed dead horker and horse
-added food storage
-added non-respawning chest with some goodies Bax has kept on hand

KS Hairdos SSE by Kalilies
KS Hairdos Beast Races by KrittaKitty
Improved Eyes Skyrim by Nazenn 
Eyes of Beauty (Skyrim Classic) by Lograam

Mods used in screenshots:
CoverKhajiits (Skyrim Classic) by MrLenski
Masculine Argonian Textures (Lizard) by MONSTERaider
Muscular Khajiit Textures and Skeleton by Khajiitas
FaceLight Plus by Gundershot and ported to SSE by PhenomFazMFQ
Follower Can Relax by KingCoin
Brutish Argonian Males from VectorPlexus (off-site)
Common Clothes by FranklinZunge and ported to SSE by PukinDumpling
Sweetshades by Virus 711
Enhanced Lighting for ENB (ELE) by ~JawZ~

Compatibility and Known Issues

-Oddities may result if heavy changes have been made to their spawn points and visited areas. This especially applies to Version B which removes and rearranges furniture in a few areas: Markarth Warrens, Cliffside Retreat, the Winterhold camp near Bleakcoast Cave, and the swamp camp between Folgunthur and Solitude Docks. 

-Their appearances may change slightly if you're using skin textures, body meshes, or armor/clothing replacers significantly different from mine. However, their hair, eyes, and coloring should appear the same regardless of your installed mods. They have no dependencies. 

-I've found that Eats-Bees and Bax-Lee do not appear if you coc to their locations (POINorthernCoast10 and POINorthernCoast06a, respectively) at the start of the game. I suspect this is because Live Another Life starts files on Sundas, a day which both are visiting far away areas. They will not appear at these areas at the beginning either. I've found that sleeping/waiting until an hour that they're at their camps makes them appear and behave as normal. Eats-Bees is at his camp from 3AM to 10AM on Weekdays. Bax-Lee is at his camp from 7AM to 12PM on weekdays. 

-Bax-Lee always aggros the horse at his camp. For compatibility purposes, I left the horse in Version A but in Version B I've removed it.