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Lykaios made by KrittaKitty

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Just simple Lykaios followers pack for Lykaios race lover, Lykaios race made by KrittaKitty.

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My english's not good please forgive me.
Simple Lykaios Followers pack fill with six followers, 4 male, 2 female.

Lykaios Race ported to SE by Apalmemnom

Lykaios Race made by KrittaKitty

Lykaios Race New Version by Bad Dog
The Lykaios were extracted from Yiffy Age and converted to SE by Allegretto

Followers Details
Males                                                                                                                                             Locations
Atsu      Fire caster, Heavy Armor, Best at Fire                                                                          Nightgate Inn - Anga's Mill
Uluf       Assasin(?), Light Armor, 1H Weapon or Dual, Call his own shade                            Falkreath, Deadman Inn - HalfMoon Mill
Shiban  Warrior, Heavy Armor, 2H Weapon also 1H+Shield, He can buff ally                        Honnningbrew Meadery - Riverwood
Husk     Lightning caster, Heavy Armor, Best at Lightning also Healer, Boost                       Winterhold, Frozen Hearth Inn - The Arcanaeum

Nat       Hunter, Light armor, Best at bow, Call her own Familiar for aid                                 Old Hroldan Inn
Bliz       Frost caster, Light Armor, best at Frost                                                                        Dragonbridge

You can make your follower become healer from Be with healer by musclex2 this mod work with Skyrim SE too!