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Falmer skins, male and female, and female armor texture overhaul.

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This is a Falmer's skin, both male and female, and female armor HD texture overhaul. It doesn't include the Vampire Falmer, just his normal and the teeth. Bethesda released the female and her armor, with the dlc01. Vanilla files whit the official HD texture pack installed were 2K the male skin and 1K the female skin. 1k the female armor.

For reference these are the folders I worked:
textures\actors\falmer (here are two files, the male skin)
textures\dlc01\actors\falmer (here are four files, the female skin and the armor)
textures\actors\dlc01\falmervampire (here are the Falmer Frozen vampire teeth)

The Falmers are blind. I couldn't understand how the eyes were made, they looked confusing in the screen and textures. Look like they doesn't had
the slit of the eyelids but the eye wasn't defined and even that different from the rest as you can see from the screenshot comparison. I tried to put a little blind eyeball but didn't liked it. But they saw one time, before becoming blind. So I tried to give them a sense, hinting a slit closed eyelid, seen that they doesn't use the eyes anymore, simulating a sort of myopia expression in the male, but I'm not sure if this was the vanilla concept art: "Their eyes are tiny and useless. (...) Although blind, their senses of hearing, smell, and touch are attuned far beyond those of most other races".

I didn't worked the Falmer male armor (the one the player can equip), that is in another path (textures\armor\falmerarmor). So, to
not having misunderstandings, the male armor you see in the screenshot are the vanilla one, not mine. Behind the base skirts, that i had to work because they residing in the same skin files (the male uses it little while in the female it is always visible), the only armor I had to work, included in this release, is the female one, that was in the same folder of the female skin with its own file. It's the armor she wear in the bust/shoulders, the bottom part instead reside in the skin files too. Confused? Me too. I had to make sure that they were complementary.
I saved the skins diffuse maps at DXT1 1bit alpha instead then the vanilla DXT3, saving half weight in all packages; this due to the fact that in my opinion the diffuse alpha channel of these files didn't need to be that detailed. I mean
it could be better a smooth version, it's used to crop the teeth and the skirt, but sacrificing them worked good enough not to benefit of halving the weight.
I couldn't include the Frozen Falmer Vampire diffuse map. His vanilla meshes are a mess and the diffuse map too. Anyway they use the same normal map of the male Falmer that I worked. The designers didn't make it whole new, they wanted to start from the male's skin diffuse map, stretching the texture on the meshes to quickly avoid a part of the skirt. They took just a piece of the leg and others parts, also they used cubemaps and another layers ( for the frozen effect. All those things don't match each other very well, the result is full of seams, whatever change you make on this diffuse will not be much visible.
I should have to modify the meshes to repair it and make it better by making it load a whole new skin, or by searching an other solution. I will see it again if I'll have time so, right now, I ended up by just including the Vampire teeth, at 512x512 instead then 128x128. Still that he will "dress" my normal and the teeth and this doesn't makes a great difference.

Like for my previous releases, these are just textures files. You can preview the results by looking at the screenshot. They refer to the full 4k version. The only one I tested.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Have fun!


Video to the left by Hodilton - Video to the right by Vovin Gaming


This mod comes in four full packages. The Falmer Vampire Frozen's teeth are 512 in every version.

  •     4k compressed diffuse and normal skin's maps. 2k the armor. (As seen in the screenshot with ENB enabled)
  •     4k compressed diffuse and 2k compressed normal skin's maps. 2k the armor. (Untested)
  •     2k compressed diffuse and normal skin's maps. 2k the armor. (Untested)
  •     1k compressed diffuse and normal skin's maps. 1k the armor. (Untested)


As usual, they are 7z fomod installers.


They could not work as intended if you installed some different meshes then the vanilla ones.

Notice: for all I know, here again, there is a well known mod, "Skyrim Immersive Creature" ( by lifestorock) that exchanges randomly the Falmer with its own slight color modified variety diffuse (vanilla size) map versions. If you have that mod installed you wont see my textures because its meshes doesn't point to the vanilla files path for the diffuse map, just for the normal maps. So, it will load my normal maps and the "old" vanilla diffuse map and the results will not match, they will not have much consistency each other. To solve, if you still want to use my texture, you could uncheck the Falmer contained in that mod I guess, but I'm not sure if there is an option.


The whole modding community.

Hodilton and ginger78348 (Vovin Gaming) for the Youtube videos.
A particular THANKS, those who have donated, endorsed
and commented, they keep high the motivation. These works have really taken a lot of effort and time.


DDSopt (by Ethatron) to extract the files.
Adobe Photoshop to work on textures
Nifskope to extract the UV map and quick preview the textures over the meshes.


If you show in same way my assets in public places you must and should always credit the author.
These files are Nexusmod exclusive right now. My files follow the Nexusmods rules.
Users cannot upload my files to other sites, any type of sites, included file sharing host (unless I give specific permission and instructions). Users cannot modify my file; including releasing bug fixes or improving on the features my file adds to the game, and upload it as a separate
file. Users cannot use my assets in any mods/files that are being sold, for money, on Steam Workshop or other platforms. Users cannot use assets contained in my files in their own files without my permission.

I saw someone breaking every rule. So if I'll give the permission to release my mods now on, I'll report bottom here the site name that had my permission, about each mod, for real, automatically all the others have to be considered cheating and will be reported: