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Multi-level dungeon crawl with dozens of custom objects to interact, puzzles to solve, traps to die to, loot to find, enemies to fight and quest to guide you through.

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by Urtel

This mod has 7 dungeons combined in one new worldspace. They are complex and connect with eachother in several ways. That being said, it is possible to beat the entire thing in under an hour. It is also possible to beat with level 1 character, but i recommend at least level 10 to do this dungeon. I also greatly encourage you to never stop and always go forward. Every time you think there is no way out, you simple dont see one. Each level has several entrances and exits. I strongly recommend to go forward and never turn back. There is always a way.

How to start
The courier will bring you a letter that will start the quest. Then you can either try to find the place yourself, or use a map marker to fast travel.

The Idea
General idea was born under the influence of "choose your own adventure" games and books from my childhood. The idea then evolved during DnD campaign, where i developed a megadungeon for my friends. As it happens, they bypassed most of the stuff and i never got to use it. So i started slowly making this mod. Even though Elder scrolls games are very much dungeon crawling sandboxes, implementing complex puzzles and enemy encounters is very hard with the tools we have. Due to those limitations and lack of skill\experience i had to cut down on many things i had in mind. But i still hope to implement all of them eventually. For this i had to learn scripting from scratch, so it was quite an experience. Hope you will enjoy it!

Depending on your setup it can be too dark in some places. So you would benefit from longer burning torches/lanterns/light spells.
The mod was designed with the idea of one-man adventure. Tunnels are narrow and some places can only be accessed by jumping/swimming. So i do not recommend using followers for this mod.

Features and detailed description. Spoilers!
  • How to find the island: You need to travel to Solstheim, where you need to travel to the north-eastern coast. Close to the Skaal village you will find the place called Frossel. Nearby is a ransacked bandit camp. One of the boats will take you to the Island.
  • First level is a maze with several exits (7). It has many traps and objects to interact with, enemies too. Four of those lead to the lower level of the maze. Others eventually lead outside, to the frozen valley. Lower maze is not as complex as the main one, but has harder encounters and much more dangerous traps. Assuming you dont get stuck in pocket realm on the way, you will eventually travel to the depths, where you will find valuables, more traps and enemies. From there you will be able to either return to lower maze, travel to the surface, just past the valley, or emerge in the frozen passage in the mountains. If you end up in the valley, you can also go through the frozen passage. Once you made it through there, you will cross the bridge and enter upper level of the maze. This part is small compaired to other ones and eventually leads you to the final encounter where you will face a custom scripted boss battle with multiple stages.
  • Current layout consits of 7 interiors: Maze levels - Main/Lower/Upper - Depths - Ice Passage - Tower - Dome. Worldspace currently features: Bay area, Valley, Plato, Bridge, Graveyard. Additionally there are several 'hidden' areas - 2 Pocket realms: Apocrypha and Soul cairn, area inside a Soul Gem, Illisionary dimension.

Urtel for permission to port Path of Champion