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Freshly Ground SE v1.2
Developed by KainXavier


Freshly Ground makes crafting at grain mills relevant and rewarding.

Grain mills have been renamed and repurposed to crush, grind, and extract
all manner of things. They're stone mills now. Want some honey? Use a
stone mill. Need mammoth tusk powder? Use a stone mill. Vampirism showing?
Use a stone mill.

Being able to craft rare items is not the only incentive. You'll also earn
Alchemy XP for each item you create. The amount earned is based on the value
of the item created, just like Smithing at a forge.

Don't like a recipe? No problem, you can disable it. Just use the Freshly Ground lesser power.

You also don't have to worry about recipes cluttering up the crafting menu.

What about DLC and mods? Everything you need is already included with Skyrim
Special Edition. That said, I have created add-ons for Hunterborn, Ordinator,
and the Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul (CACO) if you're a fan of any
of those mods.


If you are a new user, all you need to do is copy the included files
to Skyrim SE's Data folder.

If you are a returning user, and you have Freshly Ground SSE v1.0 installed,
please remove the following files from Skyrim SE's Data folder:


These files are no longer used and will cause issues when trying to run
later versions of Freshly Ground.


-Recipes can be toggled.
-Recipe needs and yields can be adjusted.
--Adjusting recipe needs and yields requires SKSE and SkyUI.

-Recipes remain hidden unless you have an ingredient for them.
--Salt Piles are ignored due to the number of recipes that use them.

-More recipes are available via add-ons.
--Download Freshly Ground CACO for CACO recipes.
--Download Freshly Ground Ordinator for Ordinator recipes.
--Download Freshly Ground Hunterborn for Hunterborn recipes.

-Load Freshly Ground after other mods to ensure the best results.
--If you see duplicate recipes, there's likely a conflict.
--If you are not earning Alchemy XP, there's likely a conflict.
--If you cannot activate a grain mill, there's likely a conflict.
--If grain mills have not beeen renamed, there's likely a conflict.


Freshly Ground v1.2 would be smaller in scale and still in development
were it not for the efforts of fiskin1 and BrinaSair on Nexus Mods. fiskin1
ported the mod to Skyrim SE and supported it in my absence. BrinaSair provided
detailed feedback and started working on an Ordinator patch for the SE version.
Their efforts inspired me to update the original mod which then ballooned
into updating both versions, creating several add-ons, and porting the mod
to consoles. Thank you both!

I also want to thank everyone for their patience. I know several years
have passed since you last saw a release from me. I'm hoping to change that.
I plan on updating Freshly Picked next. I also intend to port all of my Skyrim
mods to SE but I don't have a time-frame for you.


Nexus Mods: