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Official port of Freshly Ground for Original Skyrim to SSE by Kain-Xavier.
Freshly Ground allows players to create rare items at any grain mill and earn Alchemy XP.

Permissions and credits
This is the official port of Freshly Ground to SSE by Kain-Xavier.  All credits go to him for the original idea,  implementation and allowing open permission to porting to SSE.  Freshly Ground allows players to create rare items at any grain mill and earn Alchemy XP.   The original mod can be found here:

Freshly Ground

I was looking through some crafting mods on Oldrim and came across this one.  It sounded like an interesting idea and decided to port it over for anyone looking for a more immersive experience when it comes to the Grain mills and making ground items.  The .esp has been run through the Creation Kit and saved in form 44.  I have this installed in my game and everything works fine for me.  LOOT and SSEEdit did not detect any dirty edits or ITM's.  Also LOOT placed it a lot lower in my load order because of the scripts and the fact that it changed the name of the Grain Mills to 'Stone Mill'.  Please let me know if you have any issues with the file.  Load orders and other mods may affect this mod as well. 

Here is the original description from the original Skyrim page by Kain-Xavier:

Freshly Ground allows players to create rare items at ANY grain mill and earn Alchemy XP.

Grain mills have been renamed to "stone" mills to better reflect this purpose.

Latest Changes
  • Added Mod Configuration Menu.
    • Every recipe can be enabled / disabled.
    • Menu supports localization-friendly strings.
  • Added new recipes for Bone Meal, Dwarven Oil, Fire Salts, Frost Salts, and Void Salts.
    • New recipes are disabled by default

  • Mammoth Tusk -> Powdered Mammoth Tusk x2
  • Taproot x2 -> Spriggan Sap
  • Honeycomb x10 = Honey
  • Human Flesh + Human Heart -> Potion of Blood
  • Human Flesh + Daedra Heart -> Potion of Blood
  • Human Flesh + Briar Heart -> Potion of Blood
  • Skull -> Bone Meal
  • Dragon Bone -> Bone Meal x2*
  • Troll Skull -> Bone Meal x4*
  • Centurion Dynamo Core -> Dwarven Oil*
  • Salt Pile + Flawless Ruby + Any Filled Soul Gem -> Fire Salts*
  • Salt Pile + Flawless Sapphire + Any Filled Soul Gem -> Frost Salts*
  • Salt Pile + Flawless Amethyst + Any Filled Soul Gem -> Void Salts*

* Recipe disabled by default.

is optional but necessary to change the mod's default settings.
Must be loaded after the Unofficial Skyrim Patch for crafting at windmills to work.

Original Changelog:

Version 1.1
    • Added Mod Configuration Menu.
    • --Every recipe can enabled / disabled.--Menu supports localization-friendly strings.Added new recipes for Bone Meal, Dwarven Oil, Fire Salts, Frost Salts, and Void Salts.--New recipes are disabled by default.


KainXavier:  For making a pretty cool mod that changes a few things and for open permission to port this over
Bethesda:  For making Skyrim SE
bchick3:  For some sound advice and making a great guide so I could learn how to port Oldrim mods to Skyrim SE
The Nexus Community:  For a great bunch of people that have made the modding community to be what it is today.

5-7-2018: 1.0 Initial release for Skyrim SE

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This mod is not to be uploaded to another website or sold under any circumstances.  It is a Nexus exclusive and its going to stay that way.  I am not the original author KainXavier  is.  If you want to show appreciation,  please consider endorsing the original mod.  If you like this mod,  please endorse it.  

Final Thoughts:  
Well what can I say?  I am a sucker for the obscure cool looking mod here and there and decided to port this.  This mod is more for Immersion and the like in my opinion.  There may be other mods out there that do something similar or what not but I decided to try this one.  Please let me know if there is any issues with the file.  I will try and look at the post section every day for comments and criticisms.  Please keep in mind that I do work full time but I will always try and find time to answer questions and help out whenever I can.  Good luck to everyone and I hope you enjoy this port.