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Instantly gain perks to the Ordinator skill tree by category. Easy to install. Perks can be changed at any time.

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PLEASE READ THE SECTIONS MARKED IMPORTANT - this mod will not work for you unless you follow the instructions!

What this mod does

  • Allows you to add or remove ordinator perks with the categories of your choice (eg, smithing, alchemy, enchanting etc)
  • Perks can be added or removed at any point through your game
  • Easy text files that can be edited so that you can choose which perks to add or remove
  • Saves a lot of time by giving you the console codes rather than you having to find them
  • Perks can be added at level one (even before you've earned perk points!)

Ordinator - perks of Skyrim can be found here

Description / Instructions

Ordinator has a hell of a lot of perks (543 to be precise) - it takes a long time to level them all up. Not any longer!!!
Fed up of trying to level up your perks, or cheating the hard way looking for console codes for perks and adding them one by one. It takes forever! It took me 14 hours to get all the codes and add them to this mod. That's at least 14 hours you will save playing your favourite game!

Now you can cheat the easy way just by typing one console command (once you've edited the text files to suit your load order) - great for when you've played Skyrim SE several times and you just want an easy life! Or if you set up multiple profiles with mod organizer and want to progress quickly. There are 18 batch files to match each of the categories of perks and one perk removal file in case you decide you're too powerful. Removing your perks later in the game will also give you more of a challenge when your weapons and armor are too advanced, or maybe you just want more of a challenge with lockpicking, etc.

IMPORTANT - you will need to change the perk codes in the text files to suit your load order. Or, if you're using mod organizer you will have to change the mod index number for Ordinator so that it matches my codes. Please bear in mind that this is in hexadecimal, not decimal. If you're using multiple profiles, you will need to set the mod index number for Ordinator to be the same for each profile, or the codes will be different.
For me, Ordinator perk codes begin with 19 - thus all of the 8-digit codes in the text files begin with 19. You will need to edit the text files and change those 8-digit codes to begin with the correct number (possibly making it a 7-digit number if yours is lower than 10)! The codes that only have 5 digits are the original vanilla codes which have stayed the same in Ordinator, so you won't need to change these. To find the correct number, go into the console and type help "destruction mastery" and check what the perk code is for you. My code is 190148FD - yours might be something like 180148FD. Notice the last six digits are the same - you then just have to change all of the 8-digit codes to begin with 18 instead of 19 (this will depend on what your starting digits are). Do not choose "Replace all" as the number 19 won't always occur at the start of the number! You will have to go through all five files manually and change the numbers (don't forget to edit the perks removal file). I suggest making a backup of them in case you get things wrong.

I realise it's a little hard work but it's much easier than finding all the codes by yourself! I've provided a framework for you to work with - the files I've provided will need to be edited to suit your installation! It will be a lot easier to change these codes in the text files than to earn the perks or to find the codes for them yourself.
The whole process should take about 20 minutes maximum.

Finally, if you're using different profiles with a mod manager such as mod organizer, your load order might change. You will either have to ensure that Ordinator has the same priority in every profile (simply move it up or down the list and lock the load order) or you will have to change the codes for every profile you have. 

This is a set of 19 files that you simply copy into your Skyrim directory (where you installed Steam - not the data directory as you would with normal mod files). 
Once the files are in the right place, edit them to take into account your load order and simply open the console by pressing the tilde key (`) and type in the command bat filename...
for example...
bat Smit (although the files have the .txt extension you must not include this - just "bat Smit" will do the job)
Bat Alch (Adds all Alchemy perks)
Bat Oneh (Adds all One-handed perks)

For simplicity I've named each file with the first four letters of the type of perk you wish to add.

If you're not happy, just type bat PerksOrdRemove and ALL of your perks will be removed (please note that this will also remove any perks you had before using the first console command).

Please also note that the perks will not show up until you refresh the Skills page and that there is no notification that the skills have been added or removed - it just happens like magic!

Please note - I've left out the perk "That which does not kill you" because basically, it kills you. At least most of the time anyway. If you want this perk you'll have to add it manually (the console code for me is 1903D676). So just go into the console and type player.addperk 1903D676 (or adjust it to your code depending on the first digits).
I've also omitted the perk "The Monarch" as this will drain Magicka from everyone around you, including any followers you may have. Their magicka constantly drains and fills up again. If you want this perk, you'll have to add it manually (the console code for me is 1901D0DD). So just go into the console and type player.addperk 1901D0DD (or adjust it to your code depending on the first digits).

Partial nudity warning!
The perk "Attunement" leaves my character parially nude (down to their underwear) so it's NSFW or kids if you're using a character that doesn't wear any! 

IMPORTANT - you will lose any perks that you had already assigned if you use PerksRemove - I haven't worked out how to keep them yet. You're still able to add as many perks as you want afterwards using these commands so you won't lose anything in the long run. 
Any perks that you earn the normal way (from experience and hard work) can still be spent as before - these commands just give you a massive head start.

If you want to change the perks that you get, simply edit the text files and delete the ones you don't want, or add the ones you do. 

Using mod managers
If you use profiles with Mod Organizer, don't put the files in the profile folder, just the main Skyrim folder. I don't think any mod manager will install this for you - you have to do it manually! If someone knows how to get a mod manager to do this please feel free to edit at will...

Shouldn't clash with anything as far as I know - these files don't use any resources or scripts and aren't installed like normal mods in the data folder so they shouldn't cause any problems. It should also count as an extra mod you can have without adding to the limit that mod organizer can handle!

Nothing as far as I know - please let me know if this mod crashes your game, causes glitches in the matrix or steals your girlfriend.

Simply delete the files and refrain from using the bat command anymore. Alternatively, delete the files, use the bat command and ponder why it's not working.

Feel free to copy, hack, exploit, edit, reverse engineer, infringe copyright (there are none) upload to other sites, or do whatever else you want with the files, with the exception of charging for them or uploading them to a site that will charge for them. These files are free to anyone and everyone who wants them!

Bethesda, Steam, Nexus - you rock!
Enai Siaion (creator of Ordinator)

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