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Adds a weightless bag with infinite capacity.

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Just a cleaned-up version of gerken918's port of Vidani's original Oldrim mod.
Removes some dirty edits and duplicated MGEFs, fixes the description, tidies up the scripts, corrects the "armor" category, makes it unsellable, that sort of thing.
There is one functional change: the bag is NOT given to you automatically any more. It must be crafted, and requires an EMPTY Black Soul Gem to make.

The original SE port is here, and this ReadMe is taken from it:

Bag of Holding ReadMe

-Cleaned up several little things

If you are updating - first launch after updating will remove your old bag and add a new one (all your
stuff will still be there).
-Changed appearance of the bag to something more fitting.
-Improved the script
-Removed the constant running quest script
-Craftable at forges 
-Can be activated from the Favorites Menu without Hotkeying
-Can be activated from the Item Menu
-Can be activated after being dropped

These changes were made in a big part with help from JustinOther

The "Bag Of Holding" is automatically added (craftable after 2.0) to the
player's inventory on game load, just to make things simple. There are
several ways to activate your BOH, one is to hot key (must be
favorited), and the other is to grab the BOH as if to move it. The BOH
will not equip from within the Item Menu at this time, and has a
failsafe in case of accidentally adding the BOH into the BOH. 

The BOH acts as any non-respawning container and will hold all your items.
The BOH can be dropped from your inventory and placed anywhere in the
game if you should not want it in your inventory for any reason.