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As I have made Arwen, Galadriel, Legolas and Tauriel. I thought I just as well could make Gimli too. Especially as there are a ton of Dwarven lore and stuff in Skyrim. He is a bit shorter than the average men of Skyrim. Not much of an idea to create a Dwarf othervice. :- )

Permissions and credits
He own Breezehome. And I have as usual added some money. And in Gimli's case also some potions and smithing material. What would a Dwarf be without such things? :- )

He have got a steel axe too so he have something resonable good to defend himself with for a start.

No main quest are going on as I use the Live another life mod. So you can let Gimli do as he like.

You will need the following mods:

Enhanced Character Edit SE

Apachii Sky hair, the latest version.