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Here are a really powerful magician right from the start! I have made her for you guys, who do not want to waste like 10 volleys of a spell just for killing a measly bandit or do any other kind of magic for that matter. She is over level 100. But nothing are done in Skyrim. In that respect she is like a level 1 character.
No main quest are on

Permissions and credits
She own Breezehome, and have  loads of gold. I have got her some useful potions and food. And many, many spells. :- )
The only thing you need to do is to get her some armor or robes and good weapons if you feel the need for the latter?

The mods you will need are as follow:

Enhanced Character Edit ( ECE )

Multi Coloured KS hairdos SE

Phenderix Magic Evolved.

I made  her becuse it can be really fun to have a powerful character right from the start. Especially if you have played tru Skyrim many times and just want to wander around kicking the bad guys in the rear region. And such a character are also nice when you play at seriously hard settings.

I have made the spells a lot more powerful than the originals are. About 3 - 4 times as much. But they are only like that for this character though.

She also have a major carry weight capacity btw.