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A mod port of Woodtortiose's mod Harvestable Mammoth Skulls. It allows you to harvest mammoth tusks from any mammoth skull

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Description from the original author:

"It seems like there are a half dozen or so miscellaneous quests that require a mammoth tusk, and I personally hate killing anything that
isn't hostile towards me (killing mammoths reminds me of those people
shooting bison for fun from a train in mid 1800's america).  And why
should I when there are hundreds of mammoth skulls lying about? 
      This mod makes it possible to harvest mammoth tusks from any mammoth
skull (check out the mammoth burial grounds northwest of Loreius Farm,
and the jarls longhouse in Winterhold).  Now you can fulfill all those
quests without slaughtering a single mammoth.
      Should be compatible with everything that doesn't alter the mammoth skull statics.

       Only requires Skyrim, so it doesn't change any mammoth skulls in areas added by the DLCs, like the forgotten vale.

   **Unfortunetly, there is no 'harvested' mesh.  That is, the skulls will
look the same before and after they are harvested.  If someone feels
like making tuskless skull models, I'll be happy to implement them."