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Barking Mad studios - Jorrvaskr

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Replacement anim file for wolves, which fixes wolf howling making no sound.

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Wolf Howl Fix

 Wolves no longer howling at the moon, they raise their snout to the moon, but no sound emits.
This mod fixes that issue.

NEWS 2018-07-22 : If you are using Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (USSEP) version 4.1.4 or above, it now includes this fix = So no need to use this mod "Wolf Howl Fix" anymore.
The fix file from Wolf Howl Fix can be safely removed, and continue playing your game save (its just a replacer anim file, which USSEP has now taken over replacing).

I will leave this mod up in case there are people who do not use USSEP and its thousands of vanilla game fixes for whatever reasons. Personally I would recommend using USSEP instead :P

History of this mod :

The fix was part of 9 fix files which had to be removed from USSEP in version 4.1.3b due to it interfering with a new official DLC, Creation Club Nix-Hound mod. The original 9 files were also mostly not needed anymore, because 8 of them have been officially fixed in the vanilla games files ..

.. However even though Bethesda are supposed to have fixed wolves howling aswell -That is still not fixed.

USSEP 4.1.3b did not include the original 9 fix files anymore due to the unresolvable conflict with CC Nix Hounds. And at the time it was believed that all nine files were in conflict - And so this mod was born temporarily uploading the single fix file still required for Wolf Howls to work again. Now it has been determined that this individual fix is not actually in conflict with anything, it has been included once again in the USSEP 4.1.4 and above.


Automated Install / uninstall - "Wolf Howl Fix" is a loose file replacer which will easily install with your favourite mod manager.

Or manually install it to :
Skyrim Special Edition \ Data \ meshes \ actors \ canine \ animations \ wolf_idle_spice.hkx

To uninstall, again use your mod manager, or manually delete the same file.


Q - Didn't Bethesda fix this in an official fix ?

A - No, see the MP4 Videos I uploaded, I went back to a completely vanilla setup (no mods installed), and deleted the games BSAs to ensure I would get all the newest vanilla files installed then I did a Verify Cache in steam to download all updated files to official version v1.5.39.08 which replaced the ones I deleted .. Then tested before and after using the fix

See the Dev Notes for v1.5.39.08 in the Bug Fixes "Wolves have regained the ability to howl" - Clearly they forgot to do this, or maybe if you have CC Nix Hounds installed aswell that also fixes it???, so giving them the benefit of the doubt maybe they tested with Nix Hounds installed and forgot to test without .. Or maybe they were just smoking something <shrugs>, who knows ...

... all I know is this fix file is still required to make wolves AHWOOOO! :).

Credits :

Thanks to Sialivi, for providing the original fix files for the Unofficial Patch Project.

See the USSEP Changelog for v303 "Animation fixes"

Thanks to Arthmoor (UPP Team leader) for allowing the file to be independantly uploaded.

Bethesda - For the mountain of foo

And many thanks to all the community members who contribute to the Unofficial patch.