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This Mod features a new continent 'Dorchadas', tons of Quests, Weapons and Armors.

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This Mod features a new continent 'Dorchadas', tons of Quests, Weapons and Armors.
It's lore-friendly most of the Quests will take place at the new continent.
All of the Story is original, the whole Story starts with a Letter from an Adept of the expedition to the new-found continent.

The Quest starts with an Adept at Whiterun, enter the City and search the Adept of Sakahi

I have added a barrier to the Island but its partly disappearing when the distance is to great, if you know a fix for this glitch message me!

Hey Guys!

I waited for the VR-Release of Skyrim and after some tweaks I will work on it again. It will support all versions of Skyrim if we're lucky enough.
Stay tunned, next Update is comming soon.


First SE-Version please report any bugs!
Normal Skyrim-Version https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/88655
Version 0.0006 is out
Quest has two more stages
Fixed the Docks at Solitude

Use Subtitles for now!!!


Start-Quest 95% (Missing Dialouge/Sound files)
Ship Location 100%
Start-Island infront of 'Dorchadas' 80% (Missing Dungeon)

Working on:

The dungeon on the Island
Barrier (fix)
Missing Dialouge/Sound files (Tell me if the quality of the existing audio from the dialouge is good enough)

Need Voice-Actors !! Male and Female, mail me on this account.

**This whole site is just a placeholder if I reach a certain step in development I will change it.