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An extension to the Creation Club mod Camping that adds the ability to harvest wood outdoors with an axe, and build your own Camping Kit in a more immersive way.

Permissions and credits
The Creation Club addon Camping is a neat little mod for those looking for a more lightweight way of building a campsite but the downside is having to build the camping supplies at the Forge each time you want to camp. With Camping Extended, the player is instantly granted an ability called Create Camping Supplies that allows them to build the kit wherever they are as long as they have the required resources(3 firewood used, 1 item with keyword VendorItemAnimalHide that is not consumed in the process of making the kit to simulate carrying bedding).

An added addition to help with harvesting wood for your kit more immersively is the ability to chop at trees, dead trees, drift wood or wood blocks with any axe to gather firewood thanks to incorporation from TheBearMan's mod Axes Chop Wood, and scripting help from SoulMasterII's mod Gather Wood Spell

Features Summary
-Create Camping Supplies anywhere with required resources
-Chop at trees, dead trees, driftwood, or woodblocks with any axe to harvest firewood
-Fully compatible with Hunterborn and all mods that add new pelts with keyword VendorItemAnimalHide attached
-Compatibility patch for Beyond Skyrim Bruma included to harvest wood from trees there