About this mod

UNP Clothing Merchants (UCM)
-> Combines 27 UNP clothing/armor mods (over 1000 individual items) into one mod.
-> Features a new location and 7 unique merchants, nothing will clutter vanilla merchants or your vanilla forge/tanning racks.
-> A lot of other changes you can find out about on the mod page.

Permissions and credits
##### UCM includes all of the following mods (from oldrim) #####
UNP Undies v1.5
UNP Leather Clothes v1.0
UNP Boots01 v1.0
UNP Boots02 v1.0
UNP Boots03 v1.0
UNP Boots04 v1.1
UNP Pantyhose01 v1.0
UNP Simply Clothes v1.2
UNP Jewelry v1.5
Simply Top with Lingerie v1.0
Ashara Princess of the Woods for UNP v5.2
Ashara Dimonized Dress and Dragon jewelry for UNP v4.0
Ashara Romantic Outfit for UNP v5.0 (FEMALE OUTFITS ONLY, NO MALE OUTFITS)
Bouncy Bodices and Booties UNP without BBP
Bouncy Belts and Stockings addon
UNP Boots Retexture v1.3
TERA Armors Collection for Skyrim v1.91 (FEMALE ARMORS ONLY, NO MALE ARMORS)
Ursine Armor Pack UNP (NON-HDT version)
Gwelda Armor Pack UNP (NON-HDT version)
Sotteta Huntress Armor UNP (NON-HDT version)
Witch Elf Armor - UNP by Squizzo
Sotteta Necromancer Outfit (NON-HDT version)
Tembtra Thief Armor (NON-HDT version)
Merta Assassin Armor (NON-HDT version)
Ashara Elven Knight
Dragons Crown Sorceress Outfit
And several items by IsharaMeradin

##### Features #####

1- Use 1 mod (1 esm and 2 esps) instead of 27 different mods (31 different esms/esps)
2- A custom location (Haafingar Hall) where you can find all the items and merchants
3- Offering over 1000 clothing items to choose from, you can mix and match almost all of them!
4- Renamed all the items for a much cleaner, clearer and organized inventory
5- You can buy all the clothing included in this mod from 7 unique merchants
6- You can craft almost all the items in this mod from their own crafting stations
7- Changed most of the weights of all the items
8- Changed most the prices of all the items
9- A special rich merchant called Theodora can be found in the Honking Stone tavern to whom you can sell almost anything like gem stones and whatnot
10- You can rent out 2 different rooms in the Honking Stone tavern, the empty chests inside them are safe for storage
11- Haafingar Hall is completely follower friendly
12- UCM is completely standalone and doesn't require any other mods.

##### Description #####
What this mod does is combine several (27 so far) great UNP clothing mods into a single mod and a single large download, added new unique
merchants that sells the items of these mods, added unique crafting stations to craft the items of these mods and finally added a custom location that houses all the merchants and their crafting stations. What this means is that they won't clutter your vanilla forges, tanning racks or vanilla merchants anymore.

Currently as of v5.0 there are 7 merchants in this mod,
1- Petrovna which sells all the items that were made by Petrovich and several items by IsharaMeradin and AK boot retextures.
2- Ashara which sells Princess of the Woods and Ashara Elven Knight.
3- Victoria which sells Ashara Dimonized Dress + Dragon jewelry, Ashara Romantic Outfit for and Ashara Imperial Outfit.
4- Bettina which sells the 5 armors from Brokefoot's UNP Mashup Compilation, Sotteta Huntress Armor and Tembtra Thief Armor.
5- Tanata which sells the Temptress outfit, Gwelda Armor PackSotteta Necromancer Outfit and Merta Assassin Armor.
6- Fabiola which sells the Bouncy Bodices and Booties and Ursine Armor Pack.
7- Teralia which sells the Tera armors, Witch Elf Armor and Dragons Crown Sorceress.

All the merchants currently live inside Haafingar hall (it's on the road between Dragon Bridge and Solitude, check the mod images to know exactly where to find it) which is a completely new location I made for my current merchants and future ones as well, it consists of 4 areas, a market area and a living area for the merchants, a tavern, a living area for the tavern's boss and his wives.

I have modified most the values of all the items to be more(or less) expensive based on their quality and uniqueness, final price will be determined by your haggling level and/or if you use an economics mod, I have also changed almost all of the item names to be MUCH clearer and will be much easier to organize in your inventory, I have modified almost all the crafting recipes as well.

Most of the item slots have been unified so for example, all panties go in the same slot, all boots go in the same
slot and so on.
#Panties and Hotpants to slot 45
#Pantyhose and Stockings to slot 54
#Vests to slot 56
#Belts to slot 52
#Shorts, Pants and Butt flaps to slot 49
#Mitts, Elbow wraps, bracelets to slot 34
#Earrings to slot 43
#Leg straps to slot 53
#Pauldron and Scarfs to slot 44
#Cloaks to slot 46
#Armlets to slot 58 (Right and both) and 59 (left)
#Boots, Upper body Lingerie, bodices, body armors and so on remain in their respective default slots
#Collars to 35
Note: On some items, a few slots were left the same as the original mods which may replace other unrelated parts of other outfits but that's because some outfits were broken down into too many individual parts which are supposed to be only worn together as a set, and wouldn't really work with others.

Most of the items in this mod are craftable using their own unique crafting stations, if you want to craft any of them, you will find the tanning racks and anvils in the market area, I have also added a new tanning rack to only craft Leather and Linen, it's called "leather & Linen" (You
are going to need it, A LOT).

Clothing and Jewelry can't be crafted and can only be obtained from their merchant..

##### Installation Instructions #####
1- Download UCM SE v5.0 Main file and extract into your Data folder (manually or with NMM)
2- Make sure the plugins are active in the following order:
A) FM - UCM Interior.esm
B) FM - UCM Merchants.esp
C) FM - UCM Xterior.esp
3- Run the game, find Haafingar Hall (on the road from Dragon Bridge to Solitude) and enjoy the mod

##### Uninstalling Instructions for v5.0 #####
0- I suggest you sell everything you have bought so that you get some of your Gold back
1- Take any followers you may have left inside Haafingar Hall and leave the area.
2- Save and close the game
3- Uncheck the "FM - UCM Interior.esm, FM - UCM Merchants.esp and FM - UCM Xterior.esp" from NMM or whatever mod manager you use
4- Start the game, load your last save, click yes on the warning
5- Make a save in a new slot
6- Close the game
7- Deactivate the mod (delete it's files, either manually or through NMM if you use it)

-- \\Data\meshes\Foaman\UCM << Delete this Folder
-- \\Data\meshes\actors\character\FaceGenData\FaceGeom\FM - UCM Interior.esm<< Delete this folder
-- \\Data\meshes\actors\character\FaceGenData\FaceGeom\FM - UCM Merchants.esp<< Delete this folder
-- \\Data\textures\Foaman\UCM << Delete this folder
-- \\Data\textures\actors\character\FaceGenData\FaceTint\FM - UCM Interior.esm << Delete this folder
-- \\Data\textures\actors\character\FaceGenData\FaceTint\FM - UCM Merchants.esp << Delete this folder
-- \\Data\FM - UCM Interior.esm << Delete this file
-- \\Data\FM - UCM Merchants.esp << Delete this file
-- \\Data\FM - UCM Xterior.esp << Delete this file

##### Incompatible with #####
v5.0 and higher, nothing that I know of ..

##### FAQ #####
-> Why are the Tera helmets invisible?
- That's how they came from the original mod, they have no meshes, the good thing about this is that at least now you get to enjoy your beautiful hair, the bad thing is that you will be able to wear more than one helmet at the same time, so in order not to break the game balance, don't wear more than 1 helmet.

##### Credit and Thanks#####
Petrovich, IsharaMeradin, SydneyB, Dimon99, Brokefoot, dikr, MrTroubleMaker, Turbosundance, MAK07, Apachii, ServantOfSin, belisariu, cazy, zzjay, AncientKane, asianboy345, Deserter X (AKA nsk13), Mitosuke, Squizzo, zzjay, PeggyZone, LaughingVampire, harokyang SourAndSweet, arison_c, ChronoTrigger77, backsteppo, En Masse Entertainment, Allannaa, Uglykidcid, xp32, kurese, Silver0236, pringles89, Tiwa44, anano, NPR, Beazalbob69, Jojjo, Nexxon, ngabber, Stroti & Tamira, TES5Edit team, Nifskope team and Bethesda

-> Credit goes to Petrovich for allowing me to include his mods here
-> Special thanks goes to IsharaMeradin for allowing me to publish his new clothes (which are based on Petrovich) and for his continued help and guidance
-> Special thanks and full credit goes to SydneyB for allowing me to include her beautiful mods here
-> Credit goes to the amazing dimon99 for his UNP Modder resources which are used in almost all of the mods I have included here
-> Special thanks and full credit goes to Brokefoot for allowing me to include his Brokefoot UNP Mashup Compilation and Temptress outfit
-> Special thanks and full credit goes to dikr, MrTroubleMaker and Turbosundance for allowing me to include Bouncy Bodices and Booties UNP
-> Credit goes to AncientKane for allowing me to include his Petrovich boot retextures UNP Boots Retexture v1.0
-> Full credit goes to all those who participated in converting the original Tera armors to skyrim, more specifically
asianboy345 for his mod TERA Armors Collection for Skyrim

-> Credit goes to Deserter X (AKA nsk13) for allowing me to include his Ursine Armor Pack UNP, Sotteta Huntress Armor UNP and Gwelda Armor Pack
-> Credit goes to Squizzo for allowing me to include his Witch Elf Armor
-> Credit goes to Deserter X (AKA nsk13) and Mitosuke for allowing me to include Sotteta Necromancer Outfit, Tembtra Thief Armor and Merta Assassin Armor
-> Credit goes to backsteppo for his mod Dragons Crown Sorceress Outfit
-> Special thanks to the TES5Edit team for making the lives of modders so much easier
-> Special thanks to the Nifskope team for their great tool which made editing nif files very convenient and easy
-> Credit goes to MAK07 for the meshes of the belts added by the Bouncy Belts and Stockings addon
-> Special thanks and full credit goes to Apachii for allowing me to use some of her hair styles from ApachiiSkyHair
-> Special thanks goes to Allannaa for making the Haafingar Hall sign for me
-> Credit goes to ServantOfSin for allowing me to include his BBP meshes of Brokefoot's Mashup compilation
-> Credit goes to MrTroubleMaker for allowing me to include his UNPB BBP conversions of brokefoot's mashup and Bouncy bodices and booties
-> Credit goes to belisariu for allowing me to include his UNPB BBP conversion of Ashara Princess of the Woods
-> Credit goes to belisariu for allowing me to include his UNPB BBP conversion of Witch Elf Armor
-> Credit goes to Silver0236 for allowing me to include his TERA Armors for Skyrim - UNPB with BBP conversion
-> Credit goes to pringles89 for allowing me to include his Ashara Imperial Outfit UNP TBBP conversion
-> Credit goes to ngabber for his UNPB BBP conversion of Tembtra Thief Armor UNP and Merta Assassin Armor UNP
-> Credit goes to xp32 for his UNPB BBP coversion of Dragons Crown Sorceress Outfit

-> Credit goes to Tiwa44, brokefoot, SydneyB, Petrovich, anano, Apachii, Beazalbob69, harokyang SourAndSweet, arison_c, ChronoTrigger77 and NPR for their assets that were used in the Ursine Armor Pack, Sotteta Huntress Armor, Gwelda Armor Pack, Sotteta Necromancer Outfit, Tembtra Thief Armor and Merta Assassin Armor
-> Credit goes to Jojjo and Nexxon for their assets that were used in the Witch Elf Armor
-> Credit goes to cazy and zzjay for their hair styles Cazy hairs and demoness hairs
-> All assets that were converted from Tera Online are copyrighted to En Masse Entertainment and belongs to them
-> Special thanks to Uglykidcid for reporting issues, testing the mod and for his support
-> Credit goes to KURESE for his involvement in the making of the Ashara Imperial Outfit as well as brokefoot
-> Special thanks to all those who have endorsed the mod and to those who have posted beautiful screenshots