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  1. goranpaa
    • member
    • 1,869 posts
    • 34 kudos
    A cat mod for her if you want one?

    1. Zella
      • premium
      • 3,048 posts
      • 80 kudos
      I always want cat mods! ;-D
      And thank you for the beautiful character. It will be a lot more fun tot play after I return from Cyrodiil. It was sad to have a better looking character there than in Skyrim. Your other Saved characters are really great also. You did really excellent ones before the new mod that gives more options, but now they are amazing.
    2. goranpaa
      • member
      • 1,869 posts
      • 34 kudos
      Hi Zella!

      Yes, cat mods are essential in my book too. ;- )

      Your'e very welcome my friend.

      Thank you very much for all the kind words! It makes me really happy that you like my version.

      Every time that I see your avatar, I'm amazed that you where able to do her so well in the pretty clunky and few options creator tool in Oblivion. So when you have installed ECE etc. creation stuff for Skyrim. I bet I will see some great characters made by you.

      ECE are a fantastic tool! It is almost limitless for character creation. Just add a good skin texure mod, some hair, eyes, lips and eyebrow mods and you really can start working. :- )