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Enhances VR combat through various feedback mechanics, such as controller vibration, camera shaking and screen effects. Combat is more dynamic, with victims staggering, dropping to one knee and ragdolling. NPC-NPC killmoves happen more often. Expressions are applied to NPCs during combat to reflect their state.

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WARNING: This mod shakes and moves the camera during combat, which can cause dizziness, nausea, or worse. Use at your own risk.
Alternatively use the shake-free version.

DISCLAIMER: I created this mod for personal use. I make no guarantees to the quality of the experience, nor to the performance impact. I am running this without issues on a high end PC (8700K, 1080Ti) and a VIVE Pro HMD, however your experience may be different. I am not able to test this on other configurations. The mod is using scripting, and could potentially break a save if uninstalled during combat.

Depending on reprojection and physics settings, you might not get an optimal experience. In this case it's recommended to use the shake-free version
After uninstalling it may be necessary to set the player back to being non-essential. To do this, open the console and type in:
setessential 7 0

The mod affects mainly melee combat.

Immersive effects:
- Each hit you perform will cause the controller to vibrate and the camera to shake. The vibration and shaking depend on whether the hit was blocked, and whether it was a normal attack, power attack, or bash.
- A hit taken (from melee or projectile) shakes the camera and fades to black for an instant, depending on the hit type
- A blocked hit shakes the camera and the controller
- On death, the camera drops to the ground to simulate falling, and the game fades to black and back to normal. The camera then pans upwards, and the load from the last save will happen.

Behavior changes:
Depending on the type of hit and aggressor and victim stamina, the victim could experience:
- stagger
- dropping to a knee
- ragdolling
- losing the shield / weapon when hit by powerful strokes
The player is not affected by any of the above, however can inflict any of them on a NPC.
Stagger and ragdolling offer an opportunity for both aggressor (higher chance, stamina dependent) and victim (lower chance, stamina dependent) to perform a killmove on the other. The player is excluded, but a follower can take advantage of this. Essential followers cannot be killed by killmoves.
A combatant that gets hit will turn on the new attacker if the attacker is closer than their previous target.

I've added stronger and more visible expressions to NPCs in combat. Depending on their health and stamina levels, they will go through looking angry and fierce to looking more scared in the end. The expressions update on taking a hit or hitting someone else.
Occasional taunts will be played by the aggressors when downing their opponents.


Works really well with the following mods, installed in this order: Realistic Ragdoll Force, No Spinning Death Animation, Wildcat, Combat Evolved, Mortal Enemies, Realistic Melee Range, 3rd Person VR Death. I don't think it matters where this mod is placed in relation to the above. I have not tested other configurations, as this is my current setup.

Some technical details:
I have included the source code, as I think at least the camera shake effects can be used to create immersion.
The mod relies on a low radius (128 units) cloak effect that adds scripts to actors around the player. Everything is event driven, so things do not happen outside of (mainly) OnHit events.