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This is my take on Belgarath the Sorcerer. I thought that a magician save game would be accurate for those of you who like to play as a magic user.

Permissions and credits
You will only need the Enhanced Character Edit mod for him.
As usual with my uploaded save games, I have given him  5000 gold and he own Breezehome.
No main quest are active as I run the Live another life mod.

Little about Belgrath from Wiki Fandom:

Personality:Belgarath are often grumpy, could be foolish, and lost his temper with people. He had a number of bad habits (such as thieving and
wenching), and clearly stated in Belgarath the Sorcerer that he was no saint when he failed to apologize for the occasional
murders he was sent to perform, to remove certain people from the chain
of events that could destroy the groundwork he was laying under Aldur's
Belgarath was comfortable wearing an ordinary—and none too clean—tunic and hose. He was also possibly unique in using a length of
soft rope as a belt. In fact, in Belgarath the Sorcerer he commented that people have fantastic yet false images of what they call
sorcerers, although he had often used the role of the mighty wizard in
white flowing robes with a magic staff to his advantage in the past.
Belgarath revealed that his habitual clothing was actually by design,
including the mismatched boots, so he could look the part of an
itinerant storyteller, and the entire outfit - apart from the rope belt -
was made to his specifications and intended to look scruffy when they
were really so well made that they were nearly indestructible (a claim
made by Belgarath based on the fact that he still owned the same
garments five hundred years later).

Belgarath look upon the human condition with a mix of sympathy, amusement, and cynicism, a result of his long lifespan, which in Belgarath the Sorcerer, was about 7,000 years. He admitted that he had to distance himself from
people as they grow older, because endless grief was not a condition
the human mind could endure, and he, despite millennia of life, was
still human. He was profoundly unfond of work except when there was a
true crisis, and then his reserves of energy and dedication were
seemingly inexhaustible. This strange mix of disciple and drunk,
sorcerer and (occasional) lecher, irritated the young Polgara to no end,
until Poledra, her mother, told her Belgarath could be serious when he
has to be, but plays when he didn't need to be.

End of quote.