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A patch for Skepmanmods' Alchemy Potions and Food Adjustments mod + the Creation Club Survival Mode + its Unofficial Patch + the Survival Config mod. All foodstuffs now use APFA food effects + CC Survival hunger and warmth effects + Survival Config's optional thirst effects. You better know to get all those requirements!

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Survival Patch for Alchemy, Potions and Ingredients Adjustments

For my first modded foray into balancing Skyrim's various mechanics, I've opted for the Alchemy Potions and Food Adjustments mod, which also edits all food items with its new effects. However I'm also using the Survial Mode from the CC, which also edits all these items to give them its hunger effects. Plus, there's the Unofficial Patch for it, AND the rather essential as well Survival Configurator to tune it which also grants these food items thirst effects as an optional feature.

After some rather simple patching work in SSEdit, the vanilla game's food items now include all the needed effects from all three mods. I even patched all the 'Hot' dishes variants cooked with Fire Salts introduced by Survival Mode. So these now use the corresponding foods' effects defined in APIA in addition to their warmth restoration property.

To get all this in your game, load the APFA - Survival.esp' file after all the above mods. No scripts are used, and the file can even be merged in a bashed patch with the current version of Wrye Bash. All credit to the original creators of the mods:
Skepmanmods for Alchemy Potions and Food Adjustments.
garthand for Unofficial Skyrim Survival Patch.
grc472 for Survival Configurator.