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Port of "Combat Surrender" by stradivuckos.

Enemies will actually yield instead of attacking you. Talk to them to choose how you will deal with them.

Enemies have a chance to surrender when yielding instead of running away, you get to choose a various of options to deal with them.

Permissions and credits

Simple yield mod, inspired by kuertee's Fight or fly and Niklass's Yield 2.0.


  • Enemy will yield when he/she goes below certain health threshold or when he/she enters bleed-out state.
  • After yielding, they will enter panic mode, running away and cowering.
  • You can interact with yielded actors; make them kneel for execution, let them go, demand their loot, or make them fight each other.
  • Make sure you deal with them quickly because they will run away or retaliate if given a chance.
  • End bounty quests by allowing targets to flee, or fail bounty quests when target escapes without your approval.
  • MCM Menu with complete customization.
  • Enemies will automatically surrender if you're a significantly higher level than they are.


  • Only playable races can yield.
  • You can set maximum amount of enemies that can yield. *Customizable*
  • Enemies which have significantly lower level than you will surrender immediately. *Customizable*
  • When one enemy surrenders, check is made if your team (up to three teammates) has more health than your enemies, if you do, they will yield.

  • SKSE64
  • SkyUI

 All assets and creations are credited to the author. Big thanks stradivuckos for creating the mod.