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Brings back the original weathers from Skyrim (2011).

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Skyrim Legendary Weathers
The original weathers from Skyrim (2011)

This mod brings back the original weathers from Skyrim (2011).

Because Skyrim Special Edition renders the image differently, there might be minor differences in color correction.
In addition, forwarded some changes from USSEP which removes the moons in Soul Cairn.
Regions, shader particles or sounds aren't changed.
Godrays effect is deliberately disabled. If you use this mod, disable godrays in Skyrim Launcher to gain extra performance.

I brought back the old weathers because, in my opinion, they're better than the Skyrim Special Edition weathers that we all got.
Also nostalgia, yep.

Note: I'm not going to make any patches for this. This is a done and over deal for me regarding this mod.
It has open permissions, anyone can make any patches for any mod in any form.

Not compatible with:

- Other weather mods
- Darker Nights mods
- Mods which add lens flares to sun

Open permissions.

All credits goes to Bethesda.