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When you lose all of your health, you return to your home point.
Follower also return to your home point when they lose all of there health. (optional)

Permissions and credits

  1. You are in whiterun.
  2. Use "Bind Affinity" spell to bind your soul. (home point is set to whiterun)
  3. Go to dungeon.
  4. (optional) Use "Bind Affinity" spell to bind your soul. (home point is set to dungeon entrance)
  5. Explore, hunting.
  6. Oops, you are dead. (no load game, you can continue this game)
  7. (optional) Your corpse will shown. All items are in your corpse.
  8. You can switch camera with Strafe Left/Right or Left/Right Attack key.
  9. Hit jump key, choice "Yes, back", then you will return to whiterun. (or return to entrance)
  10. (optional) You must retrieve your corpse.


  1. Go to follower's location. (follower should not be Protected/Essential/Invulnerable. Vanilla follower is fine)
  2. Hire them. (if you already hiring one, use invite power to them, power will be added to player automatically)
  3. Follower is immortal now.
  4. Go to dungeon, explore, hunting.
  5. Oops, follower is dead.
  6. Use "Resurrection" spell to follower. (spell will be added to player automatically)
  7. Follower will be revived.


Highly Recommended


This mod should be compatible with almost anything except mods that do the same thing or remove the essential flag from the player.